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Since our founding in 1983, Geelong Baycats Baseball has developed and grown in a positive direction. We’re very proud of the family feel of our club

President - Adam Renouf

Vice President - Peter Moulton

Treasurer - Sara Brennan

Secretary - Leanne Gibbons

Facilities Coordinator- Don Stephens

U16 & U18 coordinator - Kiyoe Turnley

Registrar - Glynis Murfitt

Equipment and Maintenance - Dylan Thomas

Public Officer -Adam Renouf

Member Protection Officer -Peter Moulton

Club Coach: Lewis Weldon
Pitching Coach: Sam Gibbons
HItting Coach: James Wood

Mens: Premier League 1sts – Lewis Weldon
Mens Mens: Premier League 2nds – Chris Durston / Chris Barker

Mens: Premier League 3rds - Andrew Fielden
Mens: Premier League 4ths – Kyle Robinson
Womens Div 2 – David Foster
Under 18 State – Daniel Gosselin
Under 16 State – Andrew Fielden
Under 16 Metro West – Kira Kuramoto
Under 14 State – Phill Northfield
Under 12 Metro West– Tyler Hall /  Scott Talpey

Ken Rickard
David Crotty
Don Stephens
Robin Burns
Lyle Burns
Graeme Pye
Helen Sandwith
Ross Linguey 
Bruce Wood 
Mark Jeffery 
John Holmes 
Barry Mills 
Leanne Gibbons 
Rob Barnes 
Larry Meager 
Nathan Holmes
Cameron Forbes 
David Morrissey
Glynis Murfitt 
Craig Durston
Adam Renouf
Peter Moulton
Chris Rickard

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