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Phill Northfield



Div 1-3rds travelled to Sandringham and played out an 8-3 win in the full 7 innings.

Alex had the start and was effectively wild even with lots of traffic on the bases he only allowed 1 run on zero hits!!. Cam gave up 5 hits and 2 runs both unearned after our only error for the day.

Our hitters combined for 15 hits to score our 8 runs but we left just as many stranded on base.

Jake and Cam both had 3 hits with everyone else getting one or two each. Two highlights were Darcy's lead off triple in the 6th and Fitzy's booming somewhere near the cones (cough) double.

Thanks to Rachel for scoring today and to Ben for coming in late when Alex had to go to work.

Stay safe and have a great Christmas.

Catch you all in the new year.

Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho

Sto Bajarca



Div 3 1‘s had tough outing at Essendon on the weekend going down 10-0.

Jackson Viney started and while there were a few hiccups early and he only gave up 1 in the first and 1 in the second. He battled hard and was able to keep Essendon to 2 runs until the 5th. Jackson has been great for our group and his demeanour and ability to fight is testament to his character. Bradyn Barker was in relief and gave up a scoreless frame in his first innings before a few hits and some untimely defence saw him hand the ball to Dan Anson. Dan threw plenty of strikes but Essendon’s batters found the gaps and kept scoring.

Offensively we struggled as Duane Davenport spun a gem for Essendon. Cooper Laurie led the way for us registering our only hit and Dan Anson was on base multiple times through errors. Hats off to Essendon who out played us. Sometimes ya just have to tip your cap.

Wishing everyone a good break and hope you all have a lovely Christmas and looking forward to our run home.

Deniz Horasan



Sorry for the late post. On Sunday 18 December Division 1, 4s took on Sandringham. Due to numbers we were fortunate to have the Div 3, 2s guys play for us and it worked fantastic. Martin Bouma led the charge with pitching a full game and only giving up 3 runs. Additionally with his bat he delivered 3 hits (2 singles and a double).

The team were solid all day and got us the win 7-3.

Lily Kevelham and Ben Johnson also were solid with the bats both getting two hits and Katrina Edwards a single.

Overall it was a great win just before Christmas and keeps us somewhat in finals contention.

Happy New Year all, looking forward to 2023 and the second half of the season. #gobaycats

David Foster



Match Report Div. 3 Women’s

Vs Werribee 17/12

Now that we are starting to play the second half of the season, we have some idea what we will be up against. However, this can be a trap. The team was so looking forward to this last game before Christmas and there was an air of confidence about in the dugout.

We started with Michelle Searle on the mound and we held them to one run, due mainly to a great double play. There was a runner on third as Michelle gathered the ball and threw to first were Sarah Upton made the out and threw the ball Meg Fahey made a great ply at home. We responded with one run mainly through the double Meg hit and the steal to third that followed. Brooke Sadler also managed a safe hit but we were unable to bring her home.

In the second, both sides were unable to score even though Brooke Robertson was able to get her first real hit for the season (first ever).

In the third Werribee managed 5 runs as we struggle to get the outs required. Now 4 runs down it was important to show some fight, which we did as we scored 5 runs. There was a single to Brooke Sadler and a double to Sarah. With many of our hitters getting walks as they displayed more restraint in the batting box by not chasing poor pitches.

In the final innings we made a pitching change but things did not go to plan. Werribee worked harder in the batting box and scored 4 runs. We now needed 4 runs to win. We were on target with a couple of walks and a safe hit to Brooke Sadler unfortunately one of our hitters hit a line drive to the pitcher and our runner at second was not able to return to the base in time. Resulting in our first draw for the season.

We had our chances in this game as we out hit Werribee, 7 hits to 1. There is still plenty of fine tuning to be done but I am sure we are up to the challenge. So, from all the team we wish everybody at Baycats a safe and enjoyable Christmas and see you all in the New Year.

13Adam Renouf, Craig Durston and 11 others

Chris Rickard



Baycats U18 travelled to Newport for our last game before the break, and got the win 15-6.

We scored 1 in the 1st inning but then took control of the game in the 2nd with 7 scored. We put on 4 in 3rd and 3 in the 6th.

Newport competed well but we’re undermanned with some injuries which affected them.

Cooper Tipping pitched 3.2inn and Simon Day had his first pitch of the season with a good outing for 2.1inn.

Our hitting was led by Darcy Stack (2h,3rbi), Will Cavanagh (2h,3rbi) and Oliver Yarnell 2h. 1 hit each to Maxton Sherry, Cooper T, Tanner Stack, Harper Rickard.

Tyson Sherry (2rbi) and Logan McConnell (2bb,1rbi) both batted well also.

Thanks to our players for filling in the field for Newport.

Thanks for help today from Chris Barker assist coaching and Rachel Stack scoring at short notice.

The team is looking forward to the back end of the season after the break, currently sitting 3rd in the standings.

Safe holiday break and a merry Christmas


U14 State had a tough loss to Research LP. We gifted them an early 8 run lead thanks to some uncharacteristic sloppy defence. To our credit we kept fighting back and we were still in it but today wasn't our day eventually going down 11-7

To all of the players and parents, you are awesome. Have a great Christmas and come back refreshed ready to have a crack at the second half of the season.

Stay safe and throw as often as you can.

Merry Christmas

Brenton Laurie



On the weekend the U16 team travelled down to Moorabbin with a 6-4 win in the final game before the big man comes and the new year starts.

The team has been playing some great baseball over the last few weeks and getting the results and having fun together.

Enjoy the break team don’t forget to keep throwing and taking some hits. to the kids that are playing the U16 nationals good luck.

We have the Mets Baseball Charter try outs coming like I expect to see all eligible players there In every age group starting the 21st January please keep an eye out for more details.

PLEASE LIKE Mets baseball charter facebook page to keep up to date with what’s going on.

Phill Northfield


**U14 State West Grand Final Report**


Research LP had a fantastic season finishing the home and away season on top of the ladder. They well and truly deserved a home final after dispatching the Baycats less than a month ago and having the wood on us for 3 of our 4 encounters. The most recent being an absolute drubbing, however that wasn’t to be the case in what was to be an epic Grand Final.

Following on from his outstanding performance in the elimination final Reuben was again handed the ball for the start. He didn’t disappoint throwing what was to be a complete game shut out, walking 4, striking out 6 and giving up only 1 hit. All while amassing 3 hits of his own, a single, a double and a home run! If we were to have a finals MVP there’s no doubt that he owns it!!

But, baseball is a team game and he didn’t do it on his own, we played errorless defence, taking every out that came our way and making opportunities. The last out of the game a fine example of that. With bases loaded and 2 out we fell behind in the count but an alert 2ndbaseman cut into 2nd and with a quick throw caught the base runner snoozing. This, the 3rd out of the innings and what would be the game. Baycats win 6-0.

Our 13 players combined for 6 free passes and 8 hits while only striking out 3 times in the game!

I have said previously that winning championships aren’t a great measure of success, and I stand by that. But gee they sure are nice to win 

To the players and their parents, thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to your child’s chosen sport. They are great humans, fantastic team mates, they are coachable and show respect not only to us the coaches, but also the game.

Finally it would be remiss of me not to thank my assistant coach Tony Joel, he is my voice of reason. A great sounding board for my ideas and plans and a fantastic support and friend. And lastly to Donna our scorer, mum and wife. Maker of egg and bacon wraps for the road trips and the glue that keeps it together. Without your support I wouldn’t have been able to give so much time to these awesome kids. Thank-You.

Coach Phill

U14 State West 22/23

David Foster


Match Report Div 3 Women"s 1st Final Vs Fitzroy

Well, our first chance to play in a Women’s Summer Baseball final. Everyone was pumped and the weather was spot on and we even had 2 umpires. We had completed a great season and finished second just a game clear of Fitzroy. With the added bonus of a home final.

Brooke Sadler started on the mound with a strike out. Magda Boros was busy at second with a short throw to Heather Nicol at second to get the second out and then she took a catch to finish the innings with no runs crossing the plate. Our first innings started well with Mags returning to the lead off position and getting a walk. We then generated 4 hits to score 6 runs. Michelle Searle, Brooke S, Nikki Chapman and Bec Michael all got singles.

In the second Sarah Upton was busy at first receiving a throw from Heather at short to get the first out and as 3 runs had crossed the plate Sarah took a steady foul fly to finish the innings. Unfortunately, we responded well below our best as we went 3 up and 3 down.

We made an earlier that expected change during Fitzroy’s second innings to try and change the flow. Our luck on the mound in the third deserted us as we blew a few chances in the field and they scored 7 runs. Mags worked hard to get the first out at first and yet again Sarah took a foul fly to get the second out, however we could not get that last out. We knew it was important to get some runs in the bottom half of this innings and our lower order did not let us down. Nikki got her second single for the day and Keira Wilson got her first hit. Brooke Robertson again worked hard in the batting box to get on base again with a walk to keep our hopes alive as we scored one run.

So, with Fitzroy’s last at bat and being 3 runs in front we needed a quick innings to give us another bat. Michelle found her touch and struck the first hitter out but this was short lived as she walked the next 2. From there Michelle found her strike zone again as the fourth hitter, hit a short fly to Mags who caught it down near her shoe laces and then whipped the ball over to first to get a double play. With nearly 10 mins to play and 3 runs to tie we had the game where we could win. Unfortunately, despite a lead off hit to Meg Fahy we could not get a runner past second. Game over season over.

What a great season we had, we played many great innings and the team had a great time. These people are some of the most supportive and funny people I have ever had the pleasure to coach. So, to the team thanks you for a great season and you all made the coaching of this team a real highlight of my summer.

Thanks again to Mark Lazarus of Q Photography for again capturing some memorable moments.

Phill Northfield


U14 State had an emphatic 14-1 victory over Essendon to secure a place in this seasons U14 State West Grand Final.

Scoring 2 in the first, 1 in the second and 5 in the third before Essendon had recorded their first hit of the game, a solo moon shot in the bottom of the third. We tacked on 1 more in the fourth and another 5 in the fifth.

Regardless of the result next week we have had a successful season. This young group of keen baseballers have:


Had fun

Been great team mates

and will be back

I think these are pretty good measures of success.

Phill Northfield


Div 1-3rds faced off against Upwey FTG in an elimination final on GBC1. The start time pushed back to allow our opposition, and our own players to navigate the Air Show traffic.

One of our exciting juniors, Riley had the start and put in a solid outing for us. He was unlucky when a few hits dropped in and a defensive miscue extended his outing. His stat line doesn't truly reflect how good he was for us.

While we had plenty of hard hit outs and traffic on the bases after 4 completed innings we were in a 6-1 hole!

Cameron settled into his work and put the bats back in our hands and our hitters got down to business, the business of scoring runs. We batted through the lineup and then some to put up a 7 spot and take the lead 8-6 after 5 completed innings.

Add in a 12 minute rain delay and things were getting interesting.

We turned a nice 4-6-3 double play to get out of the 6th and a 1-2-3 innings for the 7th.

Time & Game and 8-6 win to the good guys and locked in a Home Grand Final.

It's easy to say now, but i never doubted that we would win this encounter, even when we were down. I have such belief in these players.

This season we have rarely played with the same team two weeks in a row. In fact, the team we rolled out on Sunday only had 3 players from round 1. While not always by choice we have managed our players giving them opportunities whenever they presented and next week will be no different.


Chris Rickard


Sorry for the long post, bear with me!…

Semi-Final day and Baycats U18 travelled to UpweyFTG for the 1v4 game, with the winner moving to the GF next Sunday.

The result, UFTG won 2-0!

But the game was a terrific one for junior club ball, played at high standard and fast paced (7inn in 80min!). The game was played competitively and in great spirits as players in both teams get along well with each other.

In the 1st innings Baycats had good at bats, Bradyn Barker seeing 8 pitches in his AB, Harper Rickard had base hit, but nothing came from them. UFTG came out strong, scoring 1 run on 2h and Sac fly, despite a 9 pitch inning from Baycats starter Harvey Elderfield.

The 2nd and 3rd digs went quickly for both teams, for Baycats Maxton Sherry singled in 2nd innings, in the 3rd Tyson Sherry led off with BB, Tanner Stack singled and Harper walked also, we loaded the bases but couldn’t push a run over the plate.

In the bottom 4th, UFTG had a lead off double, then bunted and a miss-que in the field they scored their 2nd run.

Top 6th for Geelong and we had singles from Harvey and Maxton, but again good pitching from Upwey and we couldn’t capitalize for a run.

Top of 7th and Tyson (for the 3rd time!) led off with a good PA for a walk and stole 2B, but we run out of outs to end the game.

Harvey was terrific on the hill, going the distance in the fast paced game, with stat line of 6inn 4h 3k 1bb 2r 1er (67pitches, 43strikes).

Both teams pitching had high strike % and hitters were aggressive all day resulting in low pitch counts and an action packed game, Baycats hitters had just one 3 batter innings and Upwey had two.

Harper was great behind the dish, Tanner was solid at SS converting 5 out opportunities, Tyson had a great day with 3BBs with the bat and took 2 key flyballs in RF and Ollie Yarnell took 3 flyballs in LF with one against the foul fence.

Maxton led our hitters with 2h’s, Tanner, Harper and Harvey had 1 hit each.

The wrap on this years team- we had 14 players who were fantastic all season long. With such a big squad, we run a roster to have 11 players at each game, we batted thru all 11 each week to maximize each player’s time on the field. This meant our team changed from week to week and only this morning did we get all 14 players at the ground together. Thanks to all players for supporting this process, it allowed players to pick their ‘off day’ around their school studies, family activities, injury and long travel to Senior games!

It’s a credit to all players that we remained competitive and finished with a semi-final game that was so close to a spot in the Grand Final.

This mornings game saw the end of junior careers for 7 of our players, some of whom have played together since they were 9/10yo’s and I’ve been fortunate to coach them several times through the years. To Harper Rickard, Darcy Stack, Cooper Tipping, Maxton Sherry, Simon Day, Hamish Sutherland and Logan McConnell I wish you all the best in this great game and beyond.

A huge thank you to Julie Rickard for scoring and Brett Elderfield as assistant coach also Chris Barker filling in a couple of times as coach too.

Thanks to Baycats club leaders for allowing me to take this team and supporting us.

As for me - with Harper playing his last junior game today, it ends my Summer junior club coaching career.

Not including a couple of seasons when I was much younger!, this time round it’s been 15 seasons with 14 as junior team coach for Baycats, supporting all three of my sons through this great game. When I started as U12 Metro coach for Emerson’s team back in 2008, I had no idea I’d see through Cooper’s years and then Harper’s too. I’ve spent time with my boys in each age group which included Little League and Junior League tournaments along the way.

The only year I missed a team was with boys in different age groups and work travel commitments making it hard to commit to a team.

A huge thank you to Julie Rickard and Miller Rickard for supporting and allowing me and the boys to play/coach the game all this time, hopefully with many years to come! Julie has scored for most of the teams I’ve coached, and also teams that I haven’t coached! She’s filled in for many teams along the way too.

Thanks Julie

David Foster


Div 3 Women's Match Report Vs Mitchell Majors

On Saturday we played our last home and away game for season 2022-23. The unlucky team to meet us was the Mitchell Majors. They were sitting on the bottom and we were second. Our girls collected 22 hits and scored 23 runs to their single run.

We welcomed the return of Brooke Sadler on the mound and right from the start she completed the first out with a throw to Andrea Huggins at first. After the second out the Majors did fire up somewhat with 2 hits to score a run but Brooke then struck out the third out for the innings. We responded with a seven-run innings with only 2 outs. There was a lead off double to Heather Nicol, a double to Nikki Chapman and single to Michelle Searle, Brooke, Keira Wilson, Ruby Wright and Bec Michael.

Brooke followed on from her first innings with a K, another 1 to 3 and third out was another strike out. Heather led off with another double but was out done by Brook who hit a triple. There were singles to Michelle, Keira and doubles to Nikki and Ruby. This time we scored 6 runs with 3 outs.

The third innings did see Brooke dominating with three K’s in a row. We managed to get 4 runs in this innings with singles to Michelle, Brooke, Nikki, Keira and Magda Boros.

To spread the load somewhat we made a change on the mound and gave Heather some practice. She struck the first two out and their prime hitter get her second hit for the day but Heather fought hard to get the last out with another strike out. For our final hit we scored 6 runs with singles to Michelle (4 from 4), Heather, and a triple to Nikki, who finished the day with 4 hits and 6 RBI’s.

It was a great game for our girls as they have started to hit their straps with the first final against Fitzroy coming up at home on Saturday at 2.00pm. Thanks to Andrea and Ruby for filling the gaps in our line up throughout the season and we hope you can both join us next year.

Deniz Horasan


This afternoon Division 1, 4s took on Waverley at home. The teams fate had already been sealed with no chance of finals. Phill Northfield took the mound to help us out in the first two innings and started off great. Only giving up 1 run in the first, the team responded with quality at bats. Getting 2 runs. The second innings unfortunately, some fielding errors and good hitting from Waverley gave them 8 runs and sealed out fate.

Hayden Quattrocelli then took the mound and really helped the team and zoned in his pitching. He helped out on the mound for 3 innings, but we just had no answer with the bat today.

Final score was 13-2, which sums up the season. It has been great to see players like Hayden really improve his pitching, Hudson Carr own the plate as our catcher, and grow in confidence and ability. Thomas Rome, come out of his shell after his first season in the seniors.

Also big thanks to all the cameo appearances from the older guys, Chris Rickard, Brenton Laurie and Geoff Rome helping us out during the season when our numbers were dire.

Thanks to Baycats committee, Gibbo and other coaches for the season.

Good luck to those playing finals. #gobaycats

Brenton Laurie


Last night to finish the season off for the U16 they had a scratch match against the parents and pizza for tea.

I must say the kids did go in a bit full of themselves.

We had some great moments with Damien Carr wanting to be a Dancer and doing a spin in the batters box Ben Johnson hit a home run taking the game to a 2-2 that’s when the parents deployed our secret weapon a 13 year old with her dad geoff Rome behind the plate and her big brother Thomas in the batters box she sat him down on 3 pitches striking him out swinging then the big Cade White stepped up pointing to the out field 4 pitches later he had his bat tucked under his arm walking back to the dugout Josef come in slapping one to the out field then the next batter getting thrown out at 1st.

The parents tacked on 4 more runs with a struck out triple .

After the game they demolished 6 family pizza.

Thanks to all the parents and kids for a great season it was a fantastic way to end I look forward to seeing you all throughout the winter season and maybe playing against some of you.

All reactions:

45Jason Peoples, Stacey Barker and 43 others

Kyle Robinson


The Div 3-2’s travelled to Chelsea to take on the Dolphins on Sunday in a game that was just about having some fun and making the most of the last game of the season, as we were out of finals contention this year.

The baseball gods turned on the weather for us and the day was looking amazing. A few changes to the team from the last couple of weeks, missing our coach and superstar starting pitcher Martin, coaching duties were left to Kyle

Rick started on the bump for us, giving the Chelsea batters a little bit of trouble to start off, and recording a strikeout with his first batter faced, but the Dolphins soon worked out the timing and started to put the ball into play.

Kyle took the mound for the next 2 innings. Some costly walks in tight counts and some timely hits by Chelsea saw the score line become a little lopsided but we were still in high spirits.

Jennifer took the bump for the 5th and final innings, changing the speed yet again and making Chelsea work. Their first batter in this innings thought he had an easy single to center, only for Alex to throw him out at 1 for dawdling down the first base line

Unfortunately it wasn’t our day and we ended the game going down 16-2.

Shout out to women’s coach Matt for coming along and filling in the day, to Katrina for her resilience and consistent effort behind the dish all game.

We finish the season out of finals contention but as a team we should hold our heads up knowing we have what it takes to take it to any of the teams we faced throughout the season. A big shout out to Bouma for his leadership, coaching and support and for putting up with us and our antics for the season, it’s been great !

Lastly, a big shout out to all of the supporters, helpers, umpires and scorers and the extended baycats family, thanks for another great season look forward to seeing you all again next season !


Sto Bajarca


Div 3 1’s were on the road at Chelsea for the last home and away game of the season. Our equation was simple win and we kept our finals hopes alive. Well we did just that and came away with a 13-0 win.

Dan Anson had the start and was very impressive over his 5 innings giving up 4 hits and striking out 5 while throwing nearly a 70% strike ratio. Jackson Viney was in relief throwing 1.1 innings conceding 1 hit and striking out 2. Jackson was throwing plenty of strikes as well throwing 75% strikes. Dan Mason closed out the game for us (he really just wanted a crack at Dobbie) and have a crack he did . Dan got the last 2 outs of the innings not before giving up a hit pitched ball and 2 singles.

Offensively we were solid only having 2 digs where we didn’t score. Dan Mason lead the way for us with 3 hits (inc 2 infield singles), Dan Anson, Maxton Sherry and Tyson Sherry all had 2 hits. Lachlan Stott, Cade White and Jackson Viney all had 1 hit each. RBI’s went to Dan Mason (3), Riley Peoples (2), Tyson Sherry (2), Cade White (1), Jackson Viney (1), Dan Anson (1), Maxton Sherry (1).

Once again the game was played in great spirits between the 2 clubs and our encounters this year have been great fun.

Unfortunately while we did our job yesterday and gave ourselves a chance at playing finals Mornington managed to rally late in their game against Sandringham and walk it off with a win in extra innings ending our season and finishing above us by half a game.

It was a bitter sweet ending to the season but I must say I couldn’t be prouder of the team and how they played all season. Specially how well the juniors developed throughout the year after a bit of a bumpy start to the season, they stuck at it and held their own in a tough division.

Thanks to Wendy for making the trips each week to score for us it’s a huge effort and doesn’t go unnoticed.

Good luck to the teams who have made finals go get ‘em.

Phill Northfield


U14 State played the last game of the Home & Away vs Sunshine on GBC2.

With a finals spot locked in, today's game was an opportunity to even out some playing time with 6 of the 13 players all playing half a game.

After shutting out Sunshine in the 1st, we score 4 runs on 4 hits and never lost the lead scoring in all but 1 innings.

After our loss last week, we lost the opportunity for a home final, so next week we will head down the hwy to face off against Essendon in an elimination final.

Chris Rickard


Baycats U18 hosted Waverley this morning for the last H&A game, finishing with 14-2 win and securing 4th place and finals berth next week.

Bradyn Barker started on the hill and had to go to work as Waverley scored 2 on hit & 2bbs and a fielding miss-cue. Bradyn found his mark after that and was very good. Tanner Stack threw in relief, both pitchers had good strike % and controlled the game well.

Bradyn’s stat line 3inn 2h 3k 2bb 2r 0er

Tanner’s stat line 2inn 0h 4k 0bb 0er

Our hitters had big 2nd and 3rd innings with 5 and 7 runs respectively. We had scored 1 in the 1st inning and 1 more in 5th Inn late in the game.

Our hitting was led by Harper Rickard 2h 2rbi. Also with 1 hit each was Bradyn B (dbl, 2rbi), Simon Day (2rbi), Darcy Stack (trpl), Logan McConnell (rbi), Tyson Sherry (rbi), Ollie Yarnell, Harvey Elderfield.

Nyah O’Brien had 1 rbi and 1bb, Maxton Sherry 1bb 2hpb and Tanner S had Sac fly and 3 free passes.

All players contributed positively today, just as all players have done all season.

With this being our final home game, thanks to Cristi Sherry and the ladies that have run the canteen on our home games this season.

Thanks to Nick Zanghi for umpiring this morning and has done most of our games this season.

We look foward to semi final clash next Sunday with an away game against UpweyFTG/Blackburn.

Phill Northfield


Div 1-3rds did enough today to get past Waverley 9-2 in what can only be described as a well rounded TEAM effort in another 7 innings game.

Cameron started and gave us 3 solid innings, followed by Adam for 2 and then Andrew for the last 2. Andy was also our starting catcher and was supported by Mr everywhere Zanghi who also played 2B & SS as well as hitting a couple of doubles.

Buzza & Q were the only players not to change fielding positions today as we managed some tired bodies a week out from finals.

Oh yeah, Darcy also came into the game and squared one up for a nice pinch hit double too.

This team has had a bit of a revolving door this season with players constantly moving between the Div1-2s and the Div3-1s as opportunities were presented. As an example, the team we rolled out today only had 3 players who were in the team in round 1. This is something i think we managed pretty well through-out the season. Some weeks were definitely harder than others and team selection this week will be tough!

We finished the season in second place and have won the opportunity for a home final V Upwey on Sunday 5th March. We will look forward to seeing you all there next week to support us in our elimination final.


Brenton Laurie


The U16 team today headed to Doncaster in a must win game to play in the finals we come away with the win but the team we needed to lose they decided they would win so we fall short by half a game.

The team has played great all season with lots of laughs along the way. I am proud of them for a fantastic fun season I have learnt a lot this season and hope the kids have as well.

David Foster


Match Report Vs Essendon

My apologies for the lack of reports recently. This reporter has been travelling SA and Western Vic over the past fortnight. So, to retrace briefly how the Div. 3 Women’s team travelled over those two weeks. On the 4th we played Alfredton at home and came from behind to tie 9 all whilst loosing Sarah Upton to a knee injury and playing without our on field leader in Meg Fahy. Then on the 11th we travelled to Newport and played a team that had 4 or 5 players playing down from Div. 2 (due to team shortage through out the club) They really taught us a lesson on how to play ball. As we were placed under pressure, we made several errors in the field and chose poor pitches to hit and as result we went down 14 to 6 (our worst lost for the season).

Having been given a reality test last week it was important we refocused on the way we play the game. Unfortunately for Essendon we were switched on and beat them 18 to 3. With Michelle Searle on the mound, we started strongly with a strike out to the first hitter and a great throw from our catcher Meg to Brooke Sadler at third to get the third out with a strong tag. We responded with 4 walks and 6 hits to score 7 runs with no outs. With hits to Michelle, Heather Nicol, Nikki Chapman, Keira Wilson, Andrea Huggins and a double to Brooke.

In the second we made a quick change on the mound as things were not working and we brought Heather on to ply her skills. Essendon did score one run but Heather and Meg where central to the three outs. One being a tight out at home plate with loaded bases as Heather intercepted a line drive and made the throw to home. The second out came in the form of a strike out. With the third out being well controlled by Meg as she collected a bouncing third strike and tagged the hitter. With one run to get back we recovered well after a lead off strike out to score 4 runs. With hits to Michelle, Andrea and a great triple to Heather.

We had to worked harder in the third as Essendon started to get their game going as they were held to 2 runs. This was helped by a strike out to Heather on the mound a great catch to Keira at centre field and a rare forced out at third with a throw from shortstop Brooke to Michelle at third. Now was the time for us to make a statement and secure our spot in the finals as we responded with 7 runs and only one out. Our hitters displayed control in the batting box with six walks and hits to Bec Michael and Mags Boros.

In the final innings we gained control mainly through a great unassisted double play to Mags at second base. Mags took a catch off a well hit line drive and then beat the runner back to second to complete the third out. We started our fourth with another hit to Brooke and a muffed fly at centre field from a long hit from Heather. Unfortunately, time beat us to score more runs. To finish I need to mention the efforts of Heather on the mound her stats were great, throwing 38 pitches and 30 of them were strikes. A great warm up to the finals. Please find a few pics courtesy of Mark Lazarus.

Martin Bouma


On Sunday, the 3 Div 2nds took on the bottom of the ladder Port Melbourne in perfect baseball conditions. In what would be a game of tug of war, the game resulted as a 7-7 draw after 5 innings. With the second week in a row where we couldn't stop the tying run in the last inning, or score in the final frame.

Offensively, the team did well against a very competitive pitcher. Managing to score runs in the first 4 innings and being in the lead from the second inning. The team stole 9 bases, Kyle Robinson nabbing 3! Martin Bouma hit two singles. Kyle Robinson with a Double. Gary Kevelham (2 RBI), Jaimee Brereton (1 RBI), Ben Loone (1 RBI), Rick Doherty and Nick Allen (1 RBI) all hitting singles. It was great to see the team taking quality at bats.

Defensively the uncharacteristic free passes hurt the most. Martin Bouma struggled with control at times and a short warm up for Lily contributed to the final score. Martin Bouma 4IP 5H 8K 4BB. Despite the accuracy troubles the team kept up the noise and worked hard to mitigate. Shout out to Kyle working hard behind the dish (sorry mate!)

This week is our final game, and it couldn't be more fitting, travelling to Chelsea to take on Daniel Dobbie's Dolphins in a 4th vs 5th. Go Baycats!

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Deniz Horasan


Yesterday the 4s took on the top spot Melbourne team. We had Nyah O'Brien work brilliantly on the mound all game and really gave us a competitive edge. Thomas Rome came in the last dig to close out our game. This was really great to see from young players, especially when our squads were depleted by significant unavailabilities.

Big thanks to Brenton Laurie for working behind the plate all day and Tim Cruise and Andrew Medew for the effort to travel to Boxhill and give 100% on a warm day.

Overall the game didn’t go our way losing 14-2. But as a coach all you can ask is for players to keep their heads up and try, which all players did.

Next week we play at home for the final game of the season. Let’s make it a fun one.

Phill Northfield


**Keep scrolling - nothing to see here**

U14 State had a top of the table clash vs Research. A win would secure a home final, while a loss would mean we'd be on the road come finals.

Unfortunately, we left our "A" game at home sleeping and barely gave a whimper as we were pummelled by a highly motivated Research Team looking to secure top spot.

We had runners on base in every innings.

We left runners on base in every innings.

We were out hit 13 to 3.

We made both mental and physical errors.

BUT, the best part..... is we get to play again next week.

So, it's time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get ready for next week.

Phill Northfield


Div1 3rds ventured to Surrey Park on Sunday and came home on the wrong side of an 11-12 result.

Both teams pitchers struggled with the mound and had difficulty throwing consistent strikes.

In a rarity we only completed 4 innings but not surprising as combined both teams gave 20 free passes.

We had the lead early, lost it only to get it back going into the bottom of what was to be the last. Tip of the cap to the Melbourne hitters who got timely hits with runners in scoring position and made the most of their opportunities.

This has knocked us off top spot. So as we move on to next week we are playing for a home final.

Bruce Wood


The Baycats 2nds played an excellent game on Saturday Feb 18, defeating Melbourne 10-4.

Our defence was led by Jake Elderfield, who continued to show his development as a pitcher. Jake threw 7 innings, allowed only 6 scattered hits and struck out 5. He was well supported by both James Renouf and Jordan Ellis behind the plate and our field backed him up well. Thanks to Jarrod Durston for filling in - you're welcome any time JD!!

Offensively Chris Durston had a terrific game with 3 hits and 5 RBI's. Jordan Ellis, Jarrod Durston, Chris Hockey, Lucas Ash, Nick Hau, James Renouf and Jake Elderfield all recorded his, and Dion Kirchner smacked the ball hard and was dead set stiff not to pick up a couple. All players hit the ball hard and our baserunning was again excellent.

As it's the last game for me, I'd like to thank Swanny for his work as assistant coach, to Craig Durston for helping me out this year, to Cathy Weldon for gamechanger and Anna for scoring. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Chris Rickard


Baycats U18 travelled to Malvern this morning and got a 4-4 draw in a high standard game.

Malvern made a strong start scoring 2 in the 1st and 1 in the 2nd inning. Malvern scored 1 in 5th for all of their runs.

Baycats worked the other way! With good at bats and runners in scoring position in each inning except the 1st, we scored 1 in the 2nd on 2 hits and 1 in 4th also on 2 hits. A big 6th inning for Baycats as we tied the game with 2 runs on 4 singles in the dig.

The top of 7th for Geelong was quick with 3 up 3 down left us defending the draw. Malvern doubled off the 1st pitch in bottom 7th! But good pitching and defense had next 3 hitters all out with the runner stranded at 3rd.

Harvey Elderfield had the start on the hill with Bradyn Barker in relief, both had high strike rate with just 1bb between them. Harvey’s stat line finished at 5Inn 11h 2k 0bb 3er. Bradyn was equally good with 2inn 2h 2k 1bb 0er.

Maxton Sherry led our hitters with 2dbls 1rbi, Tyson Sherry had 1dbl 1sgl and Harvey 2sgls 2 rbi. With 1 hit each was Tanner Stack (1rbi), Bradyn B and Harper Rickard.

Maxton was good in defense being the utility moving around the infield throughout the game, Tanner was good catching and threw out a base stealer

This was a big game for our current standings, the draw allowed us to hold onto 4th position with 1 game to go, we play Waverley at home in the last round.

Chris Rickard


This morning Baycats U18 had a good win against visiting Preston, 6-4.

This was a danger game for Geelong, Preston were just below us on the ladder but with potential to score a lot of runs, they have the tallest junior team I’ve ever seen with 3 players over 6’3”

Preston had a good start scoring 1 off 3 hits in the top 1st inning, but Baycats responded in bottom 1st with 3 runs off 2 hits and 2 free passes.

Preston scored 3 in top 3rd to take the lead back, Baycats again responded with 1 run to have scores tied 4-4 after 3 innings. Our defense was solid behind good pitching and our hitters worked hard as we scored 1 in the 4th and another in 6th for the final score 6-4.

The game was fast paced as we finished in the 7th with 10min to spare!

Bradyn Barker had the start on the hill and was great, with stat line of 5Inn 5h 6k 1bb 4r 1er and was relieved equally well by Harvey Elderfield 2inn 0h 4k 1bb 0r

The top order of our hitting line up did all the damage in offense led by Darcy Stack with 3hits (2dbl 2rbi), Maxton Sherry 1h 2rbi 1sac 4Steals , Harvey 1dbl 1rbi, Bradyn 1h, Tanner Stack 1h.

Maxton was great behind the dish and Tanner controlled the defense at short stop.

Thanks to Chris Hockey umpiring and Stacey Barker, Cristi Sherry (I hope I got you all!) for the canteen.

Next week we have a big game as we travel to Malvern.

Phill Northfield


Div1-3rds faced off against the Rebels down on GBC2 and came away 9-2 winners.

Alex had the start and showed what he is truly capable of, going 5 innings and only allowing 2 runs on 2 hits. Interesting note: both runs that scored landed on base via HPB.

Our hitters all recorded at least 1 hit each with a couple of them snagging 2 or more.

While we weren't defensively perfect this week, we were good in the field and made some great heads up plays.

Great work by Jake this week behind the dish. He did a great job managing our pitchers and even threw out a runner! I hope you enjoyed your well earned recovery beers

Next Sunday we head to Surrey Park to take on the Demons.

Phill Northfield


U14 State hosted 2nd placed Essendon on GBC2.

Having nearly a full roster, today was to be a "Bullpen" game for us, but it didn't quite pan out that way...

Sid had the start and threw plenty of strikes early and was unlucky to give up 3 hits, 2 hugging the 3rd base line and the other bouncing off the senior pitchers rubber. While they scored 2 runs it was our defence who stepped it up a gear. Sid picked off a runner at 2nd. Then with bases loaded Lucas caught the base runner at 3rd snoozing after an aggressive lead saw him get caught in a run down.

We halved their lead by scoring 1. Essendon's pitcher was throwing plenty of strikes and caught our hitters sleeping, striking out 3 in the innings.

Tylah & Jack rocked off to see who would throw next. Jack lost so he had to start the second. A couple of quick outs soon soured with a walk an error and a hit followed by a pitch left down the middle that landed 260ft away and before we knew it they had scored 4, to extend the lead by 5.

Que the quality AB's and we scored 5, 4 of those with 2 outs. Now the game is tied at 6 all.

Tylah was supposed to start the next innings (remember i said bullpen game...) but no, Jack was adamant that he wished to throw the next innings (might have been dirty on giving up a big fly!) So the 3rd innings saw him face the minimum number of hitters retiring the side on 9 pitches. Great call coach

The bottom of the 3rd saw a change in pitchers for the Bombers. A couple of quick outs via another strike out, and some poorly timed aggressive base running had us on our heels. But never fear the bottom half of the order is here and so were the QAB's. A couple of walks and a smoking double to Lucas and before you knew it, we'd scored 5 with 2 out!

It's about now that i should have been going to my other pitcher Theo right? Sid, Jack, Tylah to Theo... But there was NO chance Jack was giving up the ball now. To be fair he'd only thrown 26 pitches and was just warming up... or not. I may have started to question my decision to allow him to continue after a lead off walk and a hit to the first two hitters but a sweet 4-6-3 double play and no damage done. We did give up a run on a hit into LF before enticing a pop up to Beau at 2nd base.

The bottom of the 4th innings saw another example of some poorly timed super aggressive base running by us . We didn't score in the innings so going into the top of 5 we were up 11-7.

Now you would have thought a 4 run lead would have been enough, right?

It was, as again we took our opportunities in the field and we won 11-7.

So much for the "Bullpen" game, Sid 1inn, Jack 4inn, Tylah 0inn & Theo 0inn.

Thanks to Donny for having the field marked. This makes pregame setup so much easier.

Thanks to Nick for umpiring.

Next week we take on first placed Research away in what should be a cracker.


Martin Bouma


Yesterday the Div 3 2's had the challenge of taking on the undefeated offensive juggernaut Pakenham at home. Pakenham having 226 runs recorded on the season, we knew we had our work cut out for us. With no chance for the finals, this was a final chance for us to prove ourselves to the league... and we did just that.

In a very low scoring game, the final result being a 2-2 draw after some controversial umpiring decisions. Tarnishing what would have been a perfect record for the traveling side.

Offensively, the team did a fantastic job of applying pressure. In 6 of the 7 innings we put runners on base and into scoring positions. Unfortunately we were unable to convert many of the base runners into runs, much to Pakenham's credit. We ended up with 10 hits on the day. Pat Johnson (double and a single), Rick Doherty and Ben Johnson 2 singles. Gary Kevelham and Martin Bouma a double a piece. Kyle Robinson and Nick Allen with a single each. Pat and Alex Hockey both stealing a bag.

Defensively we completely outperformed expectations with our pitchers and fielding keeping the Pakenham to 1 run through 6 innings and only 2 for the game. Unfortunatley the runs scored were after miss plays. Kyle Robinson got work in with some great plays at shortstop. Gary Kevelham made a very clean 3-6-3 double play to get us out of an inning. Our outfielders also had a great day managing to make a number of catches. Martin Bouma started on the bump going 4 innings, only allowing 4 hits, striking out 6 and not allowing any free passes. Alex Hockey came on for middle relief. While allowing the first two to get on base, he settled down and manage to record 3 straight outs. Not allowing runs to score. Kyle Robisnon finished the day on the hill for a 2 inning close. In true fashion, Kyle finished the day getting 5 outs via the pop up! It was not without pressure having given up 1 hit and walking 3 across the 2 innings. A great job by all of our pitchers keeping the opposition off balance.

That was a fantastic game of baseball. The player and spectators from each team were loud, and it really felt like finals baseball. Thanks again to Gary Kevelham for making himself avaliable to help us out! Next week we are at home again against Port Melbourne. Lets keep this momentum. Go Baycats!

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Edit: Stats updated after clarification.

Yesterday the Div 3 2's played against the 5th place Mornington for the second time this season. The last time we faced them was game one of the season. The Pirates were undermanned with only 7 starting players, but with the rules for Division 3, were able to cover with courtesy fielders and no blanks. We won convincingly 15 to 5 scoring runs in each inning. We had the last inning rolling back which we had added another 3 to that total.

As a coach I have been very proud of how aggressive we have been with the bat and on the base paths this season; yesterday was no exception. Patrick Johnson and Darcy Stack did a great job as the lead off hitters all day, crossing home 7 times and stealing 4 bases between them. 3 of our 4 innings, we bat through the 9 so the boys did a great job setting the table each inning. Our hitters, 2 through 7 all ended up with RBI. On the base paths we took all of the opportunities to us with 12 stolen bases in total. In some feats of aggressive base running, the spry Rick Doherty sliding in head first to go first to third on a single to left field. Patrick Johnson also took third base from a hit to left field, winning a running race with the 3rd baseman out of position.

Martin Bouma 4 hits (3 singles and a double), Darcy Stack and Pat Johnson 2 singles, Kyle Robinson with a well struck double, and Rick Doherty, Alex Hockey and Ben Johnson with a single.

There were a few notable plays on the day. Darcy made a great play with a ball coming up the line, going to ground to pick it up and out run the batter. Kyle with a leaping catch in shallow left field. Martin Bouma started on the bump going 4 innings. Started the game going into the 3rd inning with minimum number of batters faced. Mornington then turned on the bats for an inning punching 4 hits through gaps in the infield. Some errors added to the total, resulting a 5 run inning. Martin's stat line for the day, 4IP 5H 3K 0BB. Kyle Robinson closed the game out, allowing no runs and striking out 2.

This week we take on the currently undefeated Pakenham at home on Saturday. With the momentum from the last two weeks, lets take them on! Go Baycats!

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Sto Bajarca


Div 3 1’s hosted 3rd placed Mornington on the weekend. It was a crucial game for us and a win would keep our finals chances alive. It was a great contest and in the end we came away with an 11-9 win.

Jackson Viney took the bump and was throwing gas early, it’s probably the hardest I’ve seen him throw for us all season. Jackson battled through the first 2 innings and despite a high pitch count only gave up 1 run before he had an 8 pitch 3 innings which shows how good his stuff is. My go to man Dan Mason came on in the 4th and got us out of a jam getting us out of the 4th. Kurt Wilson made his debut for us throwing the 5th not giving up a run. Dan Anson closed the game out for us giving us a solid 3 digs and looking very comfortable.

Offensively we had a great start scoring 3 in the first with Dan Anson being in the hole for the 1st and 3rd out of the dig for the second week in a row (did I mention that was in the 1st innings). As a coach I couldn’t be happier with our performance on the weekend. We had multiple quality team at bats such as Tyson Sherry shortening up and punching a ground ball to 2B to score a run late in the game and Riley Peoples hitting a sac fly in the 5th. We ran the bases hard and had 4 stolen bases for the day. Jackson Viney let it for us with 3 hits (inc a triple), Dan Anson had 2 hits (inc a double). Lachlan Stott, Dan Mason, Maxton Sherry, Cade White and Riley Peoples all had 1 hit each. RBI’s went to Riley Peoples (3), Maxton Sherry (2), Tyson Sherry (1), Cade White (1), Jackson Viney (1), Dan Anson (1).

With this win we edge our way closer to finals sitting 4th by the smallest of margins slightly behind Essendon and just above Mornington. This is going down to the wire and we cannot think our job is done. The last 3 rounds are basically elimination finals for us. I believe in this team and I believe we can give it a red hot crack.

Thanks to Butch and Belly for umpiring and thanks to the self proclaimed A Team in the canteen

Phill Northfield


**Another one but not as long**

U14 State.

We have played Newport twice in two weeks both home and away. Week 1 saw us with the bare 9 as we ventured down the Hwy. We got off to a bit of a slow start but powered home to win 10-4. Quality AB were the order of the day with with only 4 of our 26 batters striking out. Ash had 3 hits with Reuben and Jack both with 2. They each had 3 RBI's. Reuben and Theo threw plenty of strikes only allowing 4 free passes. Defensively we only made 1 error. It was a good game against quality opposition.

Today we hosted Newport on GBC1. We had different look team this week with 12 of our 13 players available. Sid, Toby, Brandon and Theo all pitched today with varying degrees of success.

It was a seesawing affair from the first innings. Newport scored 2 in the top of the 1st leaving the bases loaded. We replied with 4 and also left the bases loaded. In the second they scored another 2 runs and we also scored 2 runs. Going into the top of the 3rd innings Baycats are leading 6-4.

Newport bounce back and score 4 to take the lead 8-6. We were only able to peg 1 back so after 3 completed innings we are down 7-8.

A 7 pitch 1-2-3 innings and we had the bats back in our hands and there was excitement brewing. Bottom of the 4th we score 1 to tie it up at 8 all.

Now, i'm not sure if i've ever witnessed this but what comes next is pretty impressive. A 9 pitch immaculate innings (that's 9 strikes for those playing along at home).

With our tails up we walk it off to win 9-8


Chris Rickard


Baycats U18 this morning went up the highway to face Essendon in a high standard game that went into the 7th inning. Despite going down 1-9, Baycats played well against some good pitching.

A big 1st inning by the Bombers scoring 4 on 4 hits with a couple of tough to read flyballs with the bright morning clouds in the background gave them control in the game early.

Harvey Elderfield had the start on the hill and got better as the game went on after the shaky 1st innings. He finished with stat line of 4.1inn 10h 0k 1bb. Will Cavanagh was good in his 1st relief outing since before the break, with stat line 1.2inn 1h 0k 4bb.

Our hitters worked hard, staying aggressive against high strike rate and good pitching.

Harper Rickard had a great day leading with 3hits (1dbl). With 1 hit each was Will Cav, Harvey E, Oliver Yarnell and Tyson Sherry.

In the field Harper was solid behind the dish running the game and threw out a base stealer. Maxton Sherry had some hot plays at 3B and Tyson was great at 2B converting 6 chances into outs.

Next week we play Preston at home.

Phill Northfield


**Long Post Warning** (Sorry, not really)

Our Div1 3rds returned from the Christmas break to play Blackburn away. Even though we got off to a bit of a slow start we finished strongly to win 6-2. Alex and Cameron both threw well to keep us in the game. William, Nicholas, and Cameron were the best of our hitters with 7 hits between them.

The following week we played away at Malvern. We lost 8-4. Unable to reproduce the previous weeks form Alex struggled through two innings before passing the ball over to Cameron. Defensively we weren't great as we made few errors in the field. We were always in with a sniff. We out hit Malvern 8-4 and we left runners on in every innings. Tip of the cap to their Lefty pitcher who controlled the running game really well. The second inning was the difference.

Thanks to Gibbo for scoring and the trip home

Yesterday saw us host Berwick. What a difference a week makes. Alex and Cam combined for a shutout with 14K's, 5BB and only 3 hits. We won 7-0 and left runners in scoring position in nearly every innings. A huge shout out to Andrew who played for us today. This meant i only had to catch 2 innings and one of those in junior catchers gear! We are blaming you Deniz and we're OK with thatThanks to Phoebe Arnott and Nick Hau for the senior sized gear.

William, Cameron and Jake all had two hits with RBI's to William, Harvey and Hayden.


Martin Bouma


The humidity was high when the 3rd 2nds played away at Footscray on Sunday. The team was consistant with the bat and put pressure on Footscray in each inning. Baycats come away with a win 9-4.

With some new additions to the team we tallied 10 hits and 8 walks on the day. The Foostcray pitching tested our timing with 3 pitchers with various arm angles and ball speed. From the outset we set the tone scoring our lead off runner. Martin Bouma hit 3 jarring singles (4 RBI), Ben Johnson with an extremely long double *cough* and a single (3 RBI). Patrick Johnson (1 RBI) and Blake Witham both putting up two singles. Blake with some very hard hit fouls. Jess Kevelham making solid contact on the day with only 1 single to show for it.

Defensively the team played errorless baseball. Footscray were keen to put bat on ball, and managed to find a few gaps. Martin Bouma started on the bump going 3IP 5h 4K 1BB 3ER. Lily stepping up in relief with a hitless 3 innings. 3IP 0H 4K 4BB 1 ER for the stat line. Pat and Kat did a fantastic job sharing the catching duties and getting some work in.

The team worked together, picking each other up and having fun. Lets bring the momentum into our next game as we face off against the Mornington Pirates at home. Go Baycats!

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Sto Bajarca


Div 3 1’s took a road trip down to Footscray on Sunday afternoon coming away with 21-7 win.

Our offence started strongly scoring 20 of our runs in the first 4 innings. Dan Mason was hot with the stick getting 4 hits (including a 3 run dinger over the left-centre fence in the 2nd) and was a triple away from the cycle. Lachlan Stott (2 doubles) and Tyson Sherry each had 3 hits. Riley Peoples, Cade White (1 double) and Maxton Sherry all had 2 hits each. Dan Anson and Jackson Viney had one hit each with Jackson launching a solo shot over right field fence in the top of the 7th. RBI’s went to Dan Mason (4), Lachlan Stott (3), Cade White (2), Riley Peoples (2), Maxton Sherry (1), Dan Anson (1) and Jackson Viney (1).

Riley Peoples started on the bump in what were difficult conditions with Footscray’s mound having lumps of concrete under the dirt. Riley gave us a quality start throwing 4 innings striking out 4, giving up 1 unearned run, 1 hit and 2 walks. Dan Anson was in relief and couldn’t get comfortable on the mound but battled hard throwing 1 2/3 innings giving up 4 hits and 3 walks. Dan Mason closed out the game for us with 1 1/3 innings giving up 3 hits and 3 walks.

Footscray kept battling and did their damage late in the game mainly with 2 out as we made a couple of untimely errors and struggled to throw strikes consistently.

We stay in contention for finals sitting equal 4th with Essendon. The next 2 weeks are going to be tough coming up against Mornington (currently 3rd) and Pakenham (currently 1st). I believe in this group and I know we are capable of taking a win over the next fortnight if we play to our potential.

Chris Rickard


U18 Baycats won their home game this morning 13-7 against the visiting Werribee Giants.

Our pitching had trouble finding the slot as they battled the wet field and slippery mound from the overnight rain. But our hitters were on point as we scored runs in all but 1 innings, and that inning we hit the ball hard at the defense and Werribee turned a double play off a line drive catch.

Bradyn Barker was starting pitcher and had to work hard in the 1st inning as the Giants scored 3. Bradyn’s stat line 3Inn 1h 5k 6bb 3r. Harvey Elderfield was in relief 2inn 4h 3k 2bb 4r.

Our hitters responded in the bottom of 1st scoring 6 runs from 3 hits and 4 free passes as Werribee pitchers had to manage the slippery conditions also. As the game went on, the field improved and the game settled into a good game played in good spirits.

Tyson Sherry was great catching and had a nice caught stealing.

The hitting was led by Maxton Sherry with 2h 2rbi, Tanner Stack 1h 2rbi. Hitters with 1 hit each were Will Cavanagh (dbl), Harper Rickard (dbl), Oliver Yarnel (dbl), Bradyn Barker, Harvey Elderfield, and Tyson Sherry.

Thanks to Nick Zanghi for umpiring, Rachel Stack and Narelle Cooper for the canteen and Donny for setting up the field the day before.

Next week we play Essendon away.

Bruce Wood


Baycats 2nds played Malvern on Saturday 28th and came away with an excellent 5-2 win. It was great to have Hayden Peoples pitching for us in his first outing for a while. Hayden threw 2 innings with 5 K's and no walks. Noah Brennan then threw the next 4 innings, only allowing 1 hit and recording 6 K's. Noah has continued to develop over the season and his strike percentage was excellent. Defensively, we supported both pitchers well, to the extent that the game was a shutout until the last. Lucas Ash continued his good form with the bat, recording 2 hits. Chris Durston also had 2 hits including an important 2 out RBI late in the game. Dion Kirchner, Nick Hau, Noah Brennan, Adam Jirik and Hayden Peoples all had hits, with Hayden's being a double that scored 2 runs. Jake Elderfield hit the ball hard and had an RBI. Again, our base-running was excellent with 3 stolen bases and some good heads up running. We now have 7 wins and sit in equal 5th position, which is a terrific effort given the youth of the team, and given the number of changes in our lineup that have occurred over the year. Our focus will stay the same - play to our strengths and let the results take care of themselves.

Martin Bouma


The Div 3 2's headed to Sandy to challenge the 3rd place Royals. The game was a pitches duel with the majority of runs scored in the 6th and final inning. We entered into the final frame 3-1 our way. Unfortunately we couldn't close it out with a 3-8 loss.

There were a lot of positives to come out of the first game back! We had some great fielding plays by Nyah Obrien and Martin Bouma. Hudson Carr worked hard in the catches role. Tom Rome was tested at third base with a few hot hits coming his way.

We only had 4 hits on the day. Martin Bouma with 2 singles. Harry Sim with a triple. An amazing play in the 6th inning, loaded bases and Jaimee Brereton with a swinging bunt which resulted in 2 runs scoring and her standing up at second base. Lily Kevelham put one to the left fielder scoring a run for the SAC fly. Several players were unlucky to not add to the hits after making solid contact. We had runners on base in nearly every inning, and had 7 stolen bases in total (3 to the speedy Rick Doherty!).

Martin Bouma went 5 and a third, striking out 11 only giving up 3 hits and 2 walks. Nyah Obrien came onto the hill at the end getting the last two outs via the strike out.

Next week we travel to footscray. Go Baycats!

David Foster


Div 3 Women's V’s Williamstown

Well first game back after the break had us looking a bit rusty especial in the second innings. Brooke Sadler started on the mound and kept Williamstown to one run as she got most hitters to ground out all bar one, who got a nice lead off hit to centre field. We responded in the first with three runs with the help of 3 walks and a single to Brooke.

In the second we struggled in the field with some of our plays and choices but with one down and loaded bases Heather Nicol made a great throw from second (on the hit) to Meg Fahy (catching) to get the forced out at home. That was one of 3 great plays Meg made or was involved in during this game. Williamstown took advantage of us in this innings to record 4 hits and 5 runs. Now being behind in the game it was important to take back control and our team rallied to score 7 runs. This was achieved mainly through hits to Brooke, Heather and a double to Keira Wilson and some timely walks.

In the third we went with a change on the mound to give Heather a chance to get a few innings under her belt. She soon found her rhythm to record three strike outs in a row. In our final at bat, we were aided by a pitching change which did not go well for Williamston. As our team picked out 4 walks and had hits to Brooke and Heather (double). At this point with 4 runs scored, none out and 1stand 3rd occupied, the game unfortunately was interrupted by a serious medical situation. The young Williamstown right fielder ended up requiring assistance from an ambulance crew and was taken to hospital. Meg has since been in contact with their coach and she is doing well but it certainly hit everyone hard.

Special thanks to Paul Wilson who was coaching at first and Nikki Chapman who rushed across to assist, along with the girl’s team mates.

In the end it was decided the game should be stopped and we were recorded with a 14 to 6 win.

Lewis Weldon


Our 1st drove down the freeway to take on Blackburn for our first game back after the break.

Not much happened in the first 8 innings. Just Sam doing Sam things (8 inning shut out).

Not much in the 9th really either.

We started the 10th with runners on 1st and 2nd.

2 hitters later with runners on 2nd and 3rd, tanner knocked ones to right to score the first run f the game. With some “smart base running” from will Brennan drawing a throw to 3rd that got away from the fielder that scored the second run of the game.

We went into the the bottom of he 10th with a 3 run lead.

Choc got the lead off hitter to roll into a double play. 2 pitches late, Will Brennan makes a terrific backhand play down the line to make the final out of the game.

Final result

Geelong 3 Blackburn 0

Deniz Horasan


Division 1, 4s took on Blackburn on Saturday. The team started off really strong with Hayden Quattrocelli holding his own in the first innings and the team getting 2 runs on the board. Unfortunately, after that the game was pretty much one sided. Big thanks to Chris Rickard for working both ends of the mound and plate and also to Hayden who really kept his cool and tried to turn things around.

Hits from Ben Loone, William Fitzgerald, Hayden Quattrocelli wasn’t enough for us to fall 28-2.

Full respect to the guys for keeping their heads up and trying all day. This was one game to forget and regroup for next week.

Phill Northfield


U14 State had a great hit out in a one sided win to start the second half of the season.

Our pitchers and catchers worked well together throwing plenty of strikes and with 3 runners caught stealing they put a big dent our oppositions running game. Our defense made some great plays too.

Next week we are away at Newport. We haven't beaten them yet and this encounter should be a cracker.

Sto Bajarca


Div 3 1’s were away at Sandy today and we played a game of 2 halves ending up in an 11-3 loss.

Jackson Viney had the start and while he says he wasn’t feeling the best he gave us a fantastic start throwing 5 digs striking out 7 and scattering 2 hits. Riley Peoples was in relief and didn’t have any luck. Sandringham hit gaps and moved runners around and plated 7 runs over the 6th and 7th innings. To Riley’s credit he did exactly what we want from our pitchers throwing plenty of strikes throwing over 60% strikes and giving our field chances at making plays.

Tyson Sherry led the way with the stick with 3 hits, Dan Mason continued his hot streak with another 2 hits, Riley Peoples also had 2 hits with Jackson Viney, Maxton Sherry and the ring in Geoff Rome all having one hit. Controversy ensued late in the game where a stolen base was taken away from the speedster coach after a miss called ball 4 , which in the end didn’t mean anything because the next pitch was actually ball 4 .

Big thanks to Geoff Rome for filling in for us today as well as Hudson Carr and Tom Rome for sticking around. Shout out to Jordie and Bradyn for helping out on the day too as coaching bases.

Unfortunately with this loss the Div 3 1’s are almost in finals mode having to get hot and win most of our remaining games to extend our season. I believe in this group and I know we are going to get hot and have a good crack at it.

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23You, Jason Peoples, Stacey Barker and 20 others

Chris Rickard


Baycats U18 got back into action today with an away win at Sunshine that had to be earned in a tough game. Final score 6-4.

The game was high standard with good pitching making both teams hitters earn their runs.

The shiners scored 1 run in each first 4 innings and controlling the game early, as Baycats got on the board with 2 runs in top of 4th.

Harvey Elderfield started pitching 3.2inn 5h 4k 5bb 4r and was relieved by Harper Rickard 2.1inn 0h 1k 1bb 0r.

Our hitting was led by Maxton Sherry and Will Cavanagh 2h each, both laid down terrific running bunts during the game. With 1 hit each was Darcy Stack, Harper, Simon Day, and Tyson Sherry. Our RBIs went to Darcy, Simon, Hamish Sutherland and Tyson.

Thanks Bradyn Barker for coming up the Hwy early and supporting from the bench on his off game.

Next week we have Werribee at home.

Bruce Wood


The 2nds played Blackburn on Saturday and had a good 12-7 win. Jake Elderfield got the start and did an excellent job over 5 innings, throwing only 82 pitches. This included an 2nd innings when Blackburn scored 4 runs. To his credit Jake fought back and changed up his approach to keep their hitters off balance all day. Jake hardly threw a pitch above the knees all day and he gave our field lots of opportunities. James Renouf and Jordan Ellis were both good behind the plate and Adam Jirik did well at shortstop. Offensively Dion Kirchner had 2 hits, as did Lucas Ash. Adam Jirik picked up a hit as well. Bradyn Barker had good at bats all day, as did James Renouf, Jordan Ellis and Chris Durston. Our baserunning has been a focus all year, and it was excellent all day. I am really proud of the guys and the way they have competed over the season. They played the game we want to play - quality at bats, solid defense and aggressive running. With 6 wins we are thereabouts in terms of finals. Our focus is not about wins or losses, but about playing an aggressive style of baseball and let take wins care of themselves. Thanks as always to Craig Durston for his assistance and to Anna for scoring.

Brenton Laurie


On the weekend the U16 team travelled down to Moorabbin with a 6-4 win in the final game before the big man comes and the new year starts.

The team has been playing some great baseball over the last few weeks and getting the results and having fun together.

Enjoy the break team don’t forget to keep throwing and taking some hits. to the kids that are playing the U16 nationals good luck.

Deniz Horasan


Sorry for the late post. On Sunday 18 December Division 1, 4s took on Sandringham. Due to numbers we were fortunate to have the Div 3, 2s guys play for us and it worked fantastic. Martin Bouma led the charge with pitching a full game and only giving up 3 runs. Additionally with his bat he delivered 3 hits (2 singles and a double).

The team were solid all day and got us the win 7-3.

Lily Kevelham and Ben Johnson also were solid with the bats both getting two hits and Katrina Edwards a single.

Overall it was a great win just before Christmas and keeps us somewhat in finals contention.

Happy New Year all, looking forward to 2023 and the second half of the season. #gobaycats

Bruce Wood



After a couple of weeks when we've been on the wrong side of the ledger, the Baycats 2nds returned to the winners list with a walk off victory in the last over Upwey FTG.

Noah Brennan returned to our side and got the start. Noah threw a good percentage of strikes and restricted the Upwey hitters to 4 hits over 4.1 innings. This was probably Noah's best start for the year in the 2s and it was good to see him get the job done. Jake Elderfield and Jordan Baumann also took a turn on the mound. Jake did a great job getting us out of an innings and Jordan threw strikes in the last.

Offensively, we jumped UFTG early (which has been a pattern for us all year) and the focus was to sustain the pressure.

Will Cavanagh's hitting and base-running was excellent all game. He scored for us 3 times and had 2 stolen bases and an RBI. Jordan Ellis did well behind the plate and also had 4 quality at-bats over the game. Jake Elderfield picked up 2 hits. James Renouf, Jordan Baumann, Bradyn Barker and Jordan Ellis all had singles.

We led 5-1 for the majority of the game, before the experienced UFTG grabbed back the lead, taking a 2 run lead into the bottom of the last. As they proved against Essendon, the young team showed they are never beaten. In the last, James Renouf, got a hit, Bradyn Barker reached on an error, Jake Elderfield smacked a double and Will Cavanagh picked up an RBI single. Jordan Baumann got an RBI ground out to tie the game. Chris Durston and Noah Brennan walked. With loaded bases and 2 out, Jordan Ellis got reward for his good hitting all game, knocking a hard hit ball to centrefield and scoring the winning run.

This was a really good win by the young team; particularly pleasing given the strong opposition.

Thanks Cathy Weldon for scoring and Dursto as always for his help at first base and on the bench.

Phill Northfield




Div1 3rds hosted Upwey in conditions polar opposite to the last time we played and the result was better this time too!

Riley had the start and made quick work of the 1st in 13 pitches. With the bats in our hands we scored 2 to give us the early lead.

A hit, BB and a defensive miscue saw our opposition take the lead back scoring 3. Unfortunately we went 3 up, 3 down and the momentum was turning against us.

Upwey strung together some good at bats but we escaped the top of the 3rd stranding runners in scoring position. A double from Will and a long single from Forba saw us tie it up at 3 all through 3 completed innings and the game now teetering on a knifes edge waiting for something to happen!

Upwey stranded runners again in the 4th. We gave them two quick outs before walks to our 8 and 9 hitters gave us an opportunity. Zanghi was up to the task singling into RF to score 1 and give us the most slender of leads.

A quick 5th innings saw both teams stranding a runner and we had seen off their starter off.

Riley got 2 outs into the 6th before he handed the ball over to Harvey to finish off the innings. With a runner at 1st and the top of their order up CB thew out a would be base runner to kill innings It was our bottom of the order setting the table again with Coops getting another BB and Q with in infield hit to 3rd! Zanghi also had an infield hit to load the bases. With 2 out i was worried we might have missed our opportunity but nope... a Will Fitz single scored 2 to give us a 3 run buffer into the 7th.

An error and a hit saw Upwey bring the tying run to the plate only to be struck out looking to end another exciting 7 innings game.

Thanks to CB for jumping in and helping us out this week. It was really appreciated.

Riley showed composure beyond his years working into and out of trouble all day.

Will Fitz 3 from 4 with 3 RBIs, Zanghi also went 3 from 4 with 1 RBI and Forba 2 from 4 with 2 RBIs were the standouts with the bats!

If anything we need to tidy up our defence a little to make the most of the chances our pitchers get us.

Deniz Horasan



On Saturday the 4s took on Upwey. After our previous encounter, which was not a pretty affair, the team really came to challenge the opposition. Alex 'hock' Hockey did an outstanding job on the mound, keeping us in the game till the last innings, with Hayden Quattrocelli closing out the day and showing that reliability that has helped us during this season.

In the end the final score of 11-5 did not reflect the effort by the team. Leading into the final innings we were up 5-3, but errors in the field really costs us and blew the score out.

A big thanks to Chris Rickard and Brenton Laurie for rolling in to help out the team.

Overall I was really proud of the guys and everyone really gave their all and showed the Baycats fighting spirit.

We travel to Sandringham to finish off 2022, and hopefully can end it with a win. #gobaycats


Martin Bouma



Apologies for the late report.

Last weekend the 3-2s took on Daniel Dobbie and the third place Chelsea Dophins at home. The game had the potential to not be played due to a traffic incident on the road blocking the traffic from Melbourne. After some discussion between the clubs and BV, Chelsea opted to play with a mix of their 3-1s and 3-2 players that had made it to the field.

I am proud to say that the good guys won 9-5 with 5 innings played. We were the underdog going into the game sitting in 6th place.

Defensively, we played errorless baseball after the 1st inning. Kyle Robinson had some fantastic defensive plays at shortstop; a pick off at second, a catch and tag double play and a running catch in short centerfield.

The game had a higher than average number of walks with wild winds a a tight zone. Martin Bouma had the start going 4 innings. Then Maxton Sherry with a cameo appearance due to injuries, coming onto the mound for the close. In his first pitching appearance in two years got through the inning with 3Ks.

Offensively the team did well tallying up 8 hits, 2 walks, and 1 HPB (had to be me again...). Zach Mjelnek and Tyson Sherry with 2 singles each. Martin Bouma with a triple. Kyle Robinson, Rick Doherty and Ben Loone all with singles. Over the game we had runs scored in 4 of the 5 innings continuing to put pressure on Chelsea. We did the small things; moving runners over, going longer into counts and really maintained the momentum during the game.

Well done team. With the high number of players away from Christmas, unfortunately that will be our (3-2s) last game for 2022, but a great way to finish. Have a safe and happy holiday season! #gobays

18Craig Durston, Katrina Morgan and 16 others





David Foster



Match Report Vs Port Melbourne

Finally, we had a day with plenty of sun and with some sting in the rays for a change. With Brooke Sadler on the mound, we started well with a walk, a strike out, a 1 to 3 and a nice fly ball taken by Keira Wilson to finish the innings. However, we gave up an error and 3 hits and one being a home run as Port scored 3 runs. In response we scored 1 run with singles to Meg Fahy and Sarah Upton.

In the second Brooke got 2 K’s and Michelle Searle took a nice fly at third to keep them to just one run. In our second innings we responded strongly with 7 runs with only 2 outs. We had 5 safe hits, with doubles to Brooke, Nikki Chapman and singles to Meg, Michelle, Nikki (second at bat for the innings) and Keira.

In the third, Port Melbourne scored 3 runs again, which had us up by only one run. Unfortunately, our response was below par as we were kept scoreless, despite singles to Meg and Michelle.

In the fourth we made a pitching change to prepare for next weeks game. This started well with a strike out. However, combined with a couple of errors and a grand slam they scored 7 runs. In our last, despite a hit to Sarah their fresh pitcher was too strong and we only scored 1 run.

Congratulations has to go to Port Melbourne they were the better team on the day, winning 14 to 9. We now need to work harder when under pressure in the field.

David Foster



Match Report Div. 3 Women’s

Vs Fitzroy 10/12

After last week loss this was a game, we really wanted to win and given the fact Fitzroy were sitting on top, it was imperative we were switched on.

So, with Brooke Sadler starting for us on the mound we were ready to go. Fitzroy started well with a good hit to left field, we defended well with a couple of outs around second base through the work of short stop Nikki Chapman and right fielder Brooke Robinson. The Lions did score a run but Brooke struck out the 3rd which stopped further runs being scored. We responded with 4 runs due mainly to the great start Mags Boros gave us with her lead off hit to centre field and the following extra base hits to Brooke who got a double and Sarah Upton who smashed a triple to left field.

In the second we worked hard to get a shut out with several good plays to Brooke, Nikki, Sarah (at first) and Ella Wilson’s catch at second to close the innings. We started slowly in the bottom of the second but teamed well together to score 4 runs with 2 outs. There were a couple of good doubles to Sarah and Nikki and singles to Meg Fahey and Brooke. These efforts went a long way to setting up our win and the first time we have scored multiple runs from a 2 down situation.

The third saw us under real pressure to hold Fitzroy to 5 runs as they got 3 hits and forced some errors. However, we weren’t going to give this game away easily as we got underway to scoring 3 runs. Firstly, with a bunt achieved by Ella who tried to avoid a wayward pitch. She beat out the throw to first this led to Bec Michael getting a safe hit which the pitcher was unable to make the play. To keep the innings going Meg picked up her second hit and Brooke got her third.

The fourth saw Brooke holding her nerve to get 2 strike outs and Ella making a solid play to first base which saw them score no runs for the innings. Our efforts were not much better in the bottom of this innings as only Brooke Robinson managed to get a safe hit.

So, in the last we started with a 5 run lead and just needed to keep them under this score to win. Things were going well with the first two outs being routine ones but then with a couple of fast runners on the base we fell for the trap of making throws that were just chasing the runners as they scored 2 runs. It was all brought to an end with Nikki taking the catch at shortstop. This gave us an 8 to 11 win.

With one more game before the Christmas break, we need to keep this momentum going to complete a great first half of the season, well done so far everyone, lets get this last one.

Chris Rickard



Baycats U18 played the visiting Melbourne BC team, playing on GBC1 and got the win 12-6.

Melbourne came out strong scoring 2 in the top of 1st from 2Hits and 2BBs, Baycats squared it up in bottom of 1st with 2 runs off 3 hits. Melb kept going and scored 3 in 2nd a 1 in 3rd.

Our 2nd innings was quick, but we got going on the 3rd scoring 7 runs off 5 hits and good base running to give us control in the game.

Will Cavanagh started pitching and was good with 3Inn and relieved by Bradyn Barker 2inn as we halted the Melb runs.

Our bats were good today with hits throughout the lineup. Leading our hits with 2 each was Will Cav (2rbi), Bradyn (1rbi), Tanner Stack (dbl,sgl).

Also with 1 hit each was Maxton Sherry (dbl, 2rbi), Tyson Sherry (2rbi), Darcy Stack, Harvey Elderfield, Ollie Yarnell, Logan McConnell and Simon Day.

Our outfielders had a great day taking several big flyballs from Hamish Sutherland, Ollie Y and Maxton.

Tanner was great behind the dish.

The game was played in great spirits with Melbourne being short on players from the outset, thanks to our players who filled in the outfield to help them out in defense.

Thanks also to Nick Zanghi for umpiring and Cristi Sherry running the canteen for the morning and Julie Rickard for scoring .

Next week we travel to Newport for the last game before Christmas.

Phill Northfield



U14 State travelled to Essendon this morning for our 3rd encounter with the Bombers. With the series tied at 1 each and coming off a tough loss last week we dug deep and showed great character coming away with a convincing win.

Our hitters had excellent at-bats all day challenging the opposition to throw strikes. When they did we put good swings on the ball, with Sid, Toby & Lachlan all hitting big doubles and if not we were happy to take the walk. Our overall base running was great.

Tylah started for us and pieced together his best outing for the season. He threw 3 innings for 3 runs and Sid closed out the game by throwing the last.

Finally, I hope everyone has made it home safely after being caught up in the traffic chaos on the Melbourne Rd today.

Sto Bajarca

Div 3 1’s traveled down the highway to Port Melbourne on the weekend and we had a solid win 17-1. Early in the game it was a tight contest with us scoring 2 in the top of the 3rd and Port Melbourne replied with 1 in the bottom of the 3rd. With a 2-1 lead in going into the 4th we batted through the lineup plating 8 runs.

Noah Brennan had the start for us and had a great day on the bump taking a no no into the 6th. Noah gave up a hit to the lead-off in the top of the 6th then struck out the next 2 and induced a pop up. Noah threw the complete game giving up 1 hit, 1 run, striking out 10 giving up 2 walks. Great to see Noah back throwing well after a couple of weeks off.

Offensively we out hit Port Melbourne 18-1 with everyone in the line up getting a hit. It was our first game for a few weeks due to weather and unavailabilities so it was good to get a win. Jesse Buzza had 3 hits and an RBI. Cade White had 2 hits (inc a triple) and 2 RBI’s, Noah Brennan and Tyson Sherry both had 2 hits and 2 RBI’s with Noah having a double and a sac fly and Tyson putting down a sac bunt. Dan Mason had 2 hits including a double and was very solid at 1B for us. Darcy Stack had 1 hit (1RBI), Harry Sim had 1 hit (double) and Maxton Sherry had 1 hit.

Next week we host Chelsea which I’m sure will be a fun day.

Martin Bouma


The Div 3 2s played against Port Melbourne on Saturday. The breeze coming from the bay helped in warmer conditions. The team started the day with hot bats, scoring 4 in the first inning. The game continued in that fashion with the final result 22-1.

It was great to see everyone making solid contact with the ball, being patient at the plate but aggressive on the bases. Alex Hockey made a guest appearance and stole the show going 4-4, singles, 2 Double and a Triple, with 6 RBI, aided by the running speed of Pat Johnson and Nick Allen. Pat Johnson, 3 hits. Kyle Robinson, Zach Mlejnek and Nick Allen 2 hits. Ben Johnson and Tommy Rome posting singles.

Martin Bouma went the distance over 4 innings. 63 pitches, 11K, 2H, 0 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER. Making it a very one sided game.

Next week we take on Chelsea at home. Its make or break time for us in the season needing to post up some wins for a finals chance. Lets get after it! Go Baycats!

Phill Northfield



Div 1, 3rds had a one sided win in hot conditions.

Harvey had 4 hits with 3 others with 3.

Our approach at the plate and running the bases was excellent.


Phill Northfield



In glorious conditions U14 State had a 7-4 loss to a well polished Newport.

We had a bit of a slow start but finished off strongly.

Defensively we were perfect but the Newport bats were too strong for us today.

Playing quality opposition each week will only make us better.


Chris Rickard



Catch up post on Baycats U18s, I’ve missed a couple of reports so will roll ‘em in together… and try and keep it short!

Going back 4 weeks, we travelled to Waverley for a 9-1 win that wasn’t near as one sided as it sounds.

Tanner Stack had a day on the hill with 5Inn pitched. The game was flying along at 1-1 after 5Inn and we were on pace to play the max. 7 inn.

A big top of 6th from our hitters and we scored 7 to take control of the game. We put on 1 more in the top of 7th.

Bradyn Barker, Darcy Stack and Ollie Yarnell led the hitters with 2 hits each.

3 weeks back we had a rain out with Bon Beach.

2 weeks back we played at home against UFTG/Blackburn and in a up-turvy game we ended in 10-10 draw!

We gave up 5 in the 1st, 1 in 2nd and 3 in 3rd! But we scored 1 in 1st, 2 in 3rd and 7 in 4th to hold 10-9 lead into the 6th.

We gave up 1 more run in the 6th and we got the runners on in our 6th but came up just short. An exciting game despite the big scoring innings both ways.

Harper Rickard led the pitching with 3.1Inn 6k 1 unearned run.

Tanner Stack and Will Cavanagh led the hitters with 3 each.

Thanks to CB and Brett E for covering for me on my weekend away and to Nick Zanghi for umpiring.

This weekend just gone, we travelled to Sandringham to play the ladder leaders on the hot windy day.

The first 3 innings went by quickly with neither team scoring.

In the 4th inning the Royals scored 4 and we put up our fight scoring 2 to stay in the game. A quick scoreless 5th for both teams, we put runners on in the 6th but couldn’t score before Sandy had a big bottom of 6th with 5 runs to finish the game 9-2 victors.

Cooper Tipping had his best outing on the hill with 5.1inn, 5h, 5k’s. Will Cavanagh was in relief.

We didn’t have enough hits on the day despite a close game for all but the last inning.

Will Cav, Cooper, Bradyn Barker, and Harvey Elderfield each had 1 hit.

So… 3 games in 4 weeks and we secured every possible result… 1 win, 1 loss, 1 draw, 1 rain out!!!

This weekend coming we play Melbourne at home as we look to get back into the W column.

David Foster



Div 3 Women’s Match Report 26/11

Baycats Vs Melton

At last no rain and plenty of sunshine but a strong northly wind blowing across the pitching path to the plate.

Magda Boros led off with a great double to set the tone for the rest of the game. In the first we recorded 3 hits a single to Sarah Upton and an in the ground to home run to Brooke Sadler. Along with 4 walks we scored 5 runs as our 10 hitters all had an at bat. Michelle Searle started on the mound and quickly relised she could take advantage of the wind by getting her pitches to slide across the plate from left to right to Meg Fahey who caught really well. The Titan’s did get two singles and scored one run but getting a double play through Sarah at first to Meg at home really shut them down.

In the second innings we scored 4 runs thanks to a grand slam to Brooke as she smashed the ball long to left field. In response Melton’s bottom half of the line up struggled with Michelle’s pitching and fielding as she struck out one batter and then picked off the runner at first, then throw out the 3rd out at first.

In the third we scored 7 runs with singles to Michelle and Brooke and a double to Rebecca Michael. To cap this off Sarah smashed a long hit to centre right to record an in the ground home run and bring in 3 runs. With a pitching change as Brooke come on to relive Michelle, Melton managed to score a run. However, with a line drive catch to Nicole Chapman at short stop and a throw to Michelle at third to complete our second double and their innings seemed doomed. Brooke, settled on the mound and struck out the last batter.

In the last Melton changed their pitcher and our batter’s remained patient in the batting box collecting 6 walks and singles to Meg, Kiera Wilson and Rebecca to score another 7 runs. Unfortunately, we run out of time to start the bottom of the 4th.

Giving us a 16 to 2 win. So back on the bus with players eager to get take away after a fine win in the wind.

Lewis Weldon



Yesterday our 1st took on last years premiers upway.

We got a jump on our opponents scoring in the first but due to some errors, we found ourselves down 6-1 after the 2nd.

We counted by scoring 3 in the 3rd and even took the lead in the 5th scoring 4 to make it 8-6!!!!

Upway answered scoring 3 to retake the lead 8-9.

We did damage in the 7th to score 3 to retake the lead again 11-9.

The game ended with a score line of 11-10 to the good guys.

Jye Robinson lead the way with 4 hits.

James wood and Will Brennan had 3 each.

As a group, this was our best offence game totalling a season high of 20 hits.

Phill Northfield



The 3rds went down 3-1 in top of the table clash with Upwey.

Riley was outstanding with the start and threw 4 innings with 70% strikes for a stingy 3 runs showing great composure in trying conditions. Cam was excellent in two innings of relief.

We had our opportunities to score but ran ourselves out of the 6th innings where 5 back to back hits only scored us 1 run. We also out hit Upwey 12 to 7!!

Tip of the cap to their guy who threw a complete game for 105 pitches and did a really good job of holding runners, changing his looks and mixing in a good slide step to stifle our running game.

In pretty average conditions (the field and the weather) neither team committed an error and we completed 7 innings in 1h 50min.

I have no doubt the next time we play will be another high quality game.

Lewis Weldon  

5/11 @ Mulgrave. 2-4 loss

We got off to a quick start with a 2 run bomb from Tyler Luther-Wilson.

Mulgrave bats woke up scoring a run in the 4th, 5th and took the lead in the 6th.

Our best bats on the day were Tanner Stack and Tyler Luther-Wilson both with 2 hits.

Bruce Wood



On November 5 the 2nds went down to Mulgrave 10-8. Defensively we struggled, with a few free passes and also a lack of support in the field. Noah Brennan, Alex James and Jake Elderfield all toiled hard on the mound. Offensively, Cooper Tipping was our highlight, with another 3 hits. Several players picked up single hits, but we probably didn't make the adjustments required in the batters box.

Last week the 2nds had probably their best win for the year, with a last innings victory over Essendon. We scored in 3 out of the first 4 innings, before Essendon scored a 4 spot and a 2 spot to lead 6-3. The team then scored 4 in the last to win the game. There were multiple highlights for us, but young Jordan Ellis was terrific with 2 hits and a solid game behind the plate. Dion Kirchner also picked up a couple of hits, as did Nick Hau, including a triple in the last to start the ball rolling for us. At the end of the game, Lucas Ash had a terrific at bat to score 2 runs, with 2 out, including the eventual game winner.

Alex James was excellent on the mound for 5 quality innings. He was relieved by Cooper Tipping, and then in the last by Jake Elderfield, whose work at the end of the games has been outstanding all season. Jake retired all 3 hitters he faced, leaving us with an excellent one run victory.

Thanks as always to Dursto for his support on the bench and to Cathy Weldon for scoring.

18Craig Durston, Jason Peoples and 16 others

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Lewis Weldon

13/11 @ Essendon 4-5 loss

Hayden Peoples got the nod for his first start in the 1s for the year.

Hayden navigated traffic the first 2 inning but Essendon timed him up in the 3rd scoring 3.

Essendon scored again in the 6th to go up 4-0.

We got on the board in the 7th with an rbi single to Chris Hockey. We then tied it up in the 8th but went down 4-5 on a walk off.

We again out hit our opponents 8-7.

Jye Robinson again had 3 QABs with Tyler Luther-Wilson, James Wood and Chris Hockey each with 2

Sto Bajarca



Div 3 1’s hosted Footscray on the weekend and we had a solid win 18-5. We took advantage of some errant fielding early plating 10 in the 1st.

Jackson Viney had a great day on the bump taking a shutout into the 5th before Footscray scored 4 on the back of a few free passes and a couple of hits. Jackson went 5 innings striking out 10 and giving up 2 hits and 4 runs. Bradyn Barker made his first appearance on the hill for the summer after his rehab. He went 2 innings giving up 1 hit, striking out one and giving up 1 run.

Offensively we out hit Footscray 15-3 with Lachlan Stott, Bradyn Barker and Dan Mason (including 2 doubles) leading the way with 3 hits each. Dan Mason was unlucky to not end up with 4 or possibly 5 hits as he squared up the ball all day and Footscray outfielders made some great plays on his 2 hard hit ball outs. Jackson Viney had 2 hits and Maxton Sherry rounded it out with one hit. RBI’s went to Dan Mason (4), Jackson Viney (2), Bradyn Barker (1), Cade White (1), Lachlan Stott (1), Maxton Sherry (1).

A couple of thankyou’s from the day go to Brenton Laurie for filling in and making the game a lot of fun, all those who manned the canteen without any notice (Brenton during the Div 3 2’s, Whitey and Jason who looked to do most of the Div 3 1’s game and I’m sure some others I’ve missed). Without people in the canteen helping out it would have been a hard day without being able to buy any food or drinks. Also a shout out to Rusty and Belly for umpiring again and I can’t forget Dan Mason for donating a slab to us…..

Next week we have a tough road trip back at Mornington who beat up on us in the first round who are sitting in 3rd above us on the ladder.

Phill Northfield



Baycat Div1 - 3rds played Essendon and had an extensive win. Running away 23-0. Yes, that reads 23-0.

Noah had the start, the middle relief and the close as he rounded out a complete game on 88 pitches. He struck out 11, walked 2 and gave up 2 hits.

William had 5 hits, Adam 2h 1bb, Noah 3h 1bb, JJesse 3h (inc HR) 1bb, Brody 1h 2bb, Cameron 3h, 2bb, Phill 2h, Darcy 1h 1hpb, Harvey 1h(HR) 1hpb, Hayden 2h 1bb.

All of the players who have come through the 3rds have applied themselves well. It has been great to see players move seamlessly between the teams and taking the opportunities as they arise.


Phill Northfield



U14 State V Research... ill try and keep it short but there are a lot of highlights!

We made the trek to Research our longest road trip for the season and played in glorious conditions. Coming away with a 15-1 win.

Reuben was our starting pitcher and threw a blinder. A complete game, 6 innings for 71 pitches, 5 strikeouts(K's), 0 walks(BB's) & 4 hits(H) for 1 earnt run!

After giving ourselves "opportunities" to get out and not always taking them over the last few weeks, this week we played ERRORLESS defense. In fact there were only 3 errors in the game!

Our bats were HOT, we amassed 14 hits and took 13 free passes.

This weeks multiple hit getters were, Beau 3H, Tylah 2H, Brandon 2H, Sid 2H

Well done on a well rounded team effort.


Deniz Horasan



The 4s took on Essendon at Essendon yesterday. Hayden Quatrocelli took the mound for us and gave a confident building effort. After 3 innings we had Tyson Sherry relieve and continued developing his skills. Hamish Sutherland closed off the day but unfortunately, the day belonged to Essendon. Final score was 21-4, but everyone tried over the two hours.

The hitters for the day were Darcy Stack (2 hits / single and a double), Jake Warren (1 hit / single) and Hamish Sutherland 1 hit / double).

Hopefully, we can bounce back against Upwey next week. #gobaycats

Martin Bouma


The 3rd 2nds took on Footscray at home in humid conditions. The team had an upbeat attitude coming into the day which translated on the field. We come away with a well earned win 8-3 in 5 innings.

Footscray's pitcher was more consistant around the zone than we have seen in previous weeks. The team took advantage, having a great day with the bat. We scored in nearly every inning. Two hits were recorded by Pat Johnson (double and single), Kyle Robinson and Martin Bouma with 2 singles each. Ben Johnson, Ben Loone and Zach Mlejnek each with singles.

Fielding. The team worked hard to keep Footscray from scoring. To our teams credit I had a few people in different positions today. New players Ben Loone and Zach Mlejnek both made great defencive plays. Ben with a running catch in right field. Zach making two plays at third base. There was also some situations that resulted in learning opportunities for team as we develop. Martin Bouma threw a complete game, throwing 5 innings in 101 pitches. 5h, 7k, 1bb and 1hpb for the stat line.

Thankyou Lily for stepping off the plane into a baseball uniform! Thank you Ben Johnson and others that come down and opened up the ground and canteen. The team appreciated the cold drinks in the warm conditions!

Next week we head back to Mornington. Last time it was a very high scoring game. Lets keep this momentum!


Round 6 2022.2023



Phill Northfield



Div 1, 3rds had a well rounded win (11-4) with everyone, bench players included having an impact on the result.

Jackson started again for us this week and while he didn't have his best stuff he bared down and gave us 5 solid innings. What is even more pleasing is that he was efficient he threw less and 80 pitches and he did not walking a batter until the 5th.

The game was tied at 4 all going into the 6th. We plated 2 in the 6th and another 7 in the 7th to put the game beyond reach for the Rebels as i rolled Cam out for 2 innings of relief.

Maxton, who had a solid day behind the plate was just as solid when he stepped up to it with 4 QAB. His aggressive baserunning was on point, scoring 3 of his 4 times on base!

Nick played solid defense at the hot corner and executed well at the plate too.

Cooper in his first game with us had 2 hit and 2 rbi's and also played solid defense.

I could go on but I wont...

Nick 1bb 1rbi, Adam 2h 1bb, Will 1h, Jackson 1h (double), Maxton 4bb, Cam 1h 1bb, Jesse 2h, Nick 1h 1bb 1rbi, Cooper 2h 2rbi, Hayden 1h 1rbi, Tyson 1bb.


Sto Bajarca



Div 3 1’s took on top of the ladder Sandringham on the weekend, unfortunately we took an 8-3 loss as Sandringham out hit us 18-8. The score line doesn’t reflect the quality of the game, Baycats took a 2-1 lead in the 4th, Sandringham re-took the lead 3-2 in the 6th and extended their lead 4-2 in the 7th. Baycats replied with one run in the bottom of the 7th where the score line remained 4-3 until the top of the 9th where Sandringham rallied with 5 hits and plating 4 runs which we couldn’t peg back.

Chris Hockey had the start for us throwing 7 quality innings giving up 1 earned run striking out 3 while throwing nearly 65% strikes. Riley Peoples was in relief and threw 2 innings scattering 6 hits and not conceding an earned run throwing 60% strikes. It was a tough day for both pitchers on the mound throwing plenty of strikes but Sandringham managed to find nearly all the gaps and found ways to extend innings. Unfortunately we made 5 errors over the course of the game most being in pivotal points in the game and Sandringham took advantage of them scoring 7 unearned runs.

Offensively Chris Hockey and Riley Peoples lead the way for us both having 2 hits. Cade White, Bradyn Barker and Harry Sim had one hit each. Harry Sim also had an RBI.

A big shout out to a few people who stepped up for us due to some late changes due illnesses and unavailabilities. David White filled in for us for a couple of innings before Kyle Robinson could re-enter the game and play another 7 innings (after catching and pitching in the earlier game). Patrick Johnson also hung around and played the last 3 innings after playing U16’s and Div 3 2’s earlier in the day.

Also a big shout out to Rusty and Alan Bell for umpiring both the Div 3 1’s and 2’s.

Kyle Robinson



The Div 3-2’s took on Sandringham this weekend, after forfeiting the week prior due to some unavailabilities.

On a glorious day for baseball at home, Martin Bouma took the mound feeling good and started off well, allowing only 1 run with 5 strikeouts in the first 2 innings. We put on 3 runs in the first and it was looking to be a good contested game of baseball.

Unfortunately, that’s where it ended for us, some costly errors and hits to the gaps by Sandringham started to pile up and we just couldn’t find a way back.

First gamer Zack looked good and was unlucky to not record a hit against the Royals defence.

Bouma threw a mammoth amount of pitches in his 4 innings and was solid throughout the day.

Kyle Robinson finished off the day with 1 strikeout and on 23 pitches allowing 4 runs.

Sandringham were just too strong and we finished the day with a 16-3 loss.

One thing I think we should take from this game is we took it to them with some quality batting, only recording 2 strikeouts for the day as we put the ball in play.

Go Baycats, we’ll get them next time

Chris Rickard



After missing last week with a wash out, Baycats U18s played a terrific game at home this morning to win 5-2 against Malvern.

The game was played in high standards with good pitching throughout the game from both teams.

Malvern scored 1 in top of 1st from a hit and BB, the innings ended on a caught stealing with throw over by Harper Rickard catching to Bradyn Barker at SS. Baycats equaled up with 1 run in bottom of 1st from lead off single by Tanner Stack who stole 2nd. Good hitting from Will Cavanagh, Harper and HPB to Maxton Sherry and Tanner had scored the run.

The 2nd dig went quickly for both teams without runs scored. Malvern scored 1 in top 3rd. Baycats had good at bats thru the 3rd and 4th inning but couldn’t muster a run.

Baycats shut out Malvern in top 4th and 5th, then with really good At Bats in bottom 5th (& last) inning, scoring 4 runs from HPB and BB, 2 fielders choices and 2 doubles from Will C and Harper R.

Tanner Stack started pitching and was great, 4inn 4h 2k 3bb 2r and relived by Will Cavanagh 2inn 1h 2k 2bb 0r.

Hitting was led by Harper 2h sgl/dbl 2rbi, Will Cav 1h (dbl) 2rbi, Tanner 1h, Ollie Yarnell 1rbi in a big at bat against the new relieving pitcher scoring our game tying run in the 5th.

Nyah O’Brien was great at 1B and (unluckily) had 2 HPB both were big at bats at key times. Brayden B was really good at SS running the defense.

Our highlight of the game was collectively our Outfielders. Hamish Sutherland caught a big curling flyball in the 1st inning, Logan McConnell took nice catch in RF in 4th dig.

Will Cav stole the show with a diving screamer in shallow C/RF to halt a Malvern innings and then Tyson Sherry stepped up with a running catch going back towards the warning track in RF, then doubling off the runner at 1B to end the game.

The game was played in good spirits in great conditions.

Sorry for the long post, it was worth it in a great game!

Thanks to Will Brennan for umpiring a really good game and Jason Peoples for running the canteen.

Phill Northfield



Baycats U14 State returned to the winners list with a dominate performance over an undermanned Essendon (who beat us last week!) in a solid 15-9 win.

Tylah started for us and was fantastic, throwing 3 innings. He gave his defense opportunities to make outs. We took most of them this week! He also struck out 8 and only allowed 1 earnt run.

Theo was in relief also throwing lots of strikes and giving the field opportunities to get outs. He struck out 2 and allowed 2 earnt runs.

We took full advantage of Essendons inability to throw strikes as they issued us 18 free passes. With some timely hitting all but 6 of those free passes scored!!

Saya had a nice hit up the middle. Reuban smoked a double to RF. Tylah had an infield single and Ash had to two singles to the outfield.

There are some really talented young players coming through the #baycatscharter. Do yourself a favour and come down one Sunday morning, you wont be disappointed.

Finally a BIG thank you to Essendon who supplied the umpire today after our club appointed umpire didn't show up!


ROUND 5 2022.2023


Lewis Weldon


29/10 @ home vs essendon. 3-0 loss

Essendon got off to a quick start taking a 1-0 lead second pitch of the game.

They scored again in the 4th and the 9th.

We did out hit essendon 10 hits to 6. Essendon made play after play to keep us shut down.

Dan McGrath got the start and went 7 innings, giving up 2 earnt and 14 strikouts.

QAB leaders for the day where Jye Robinson with 4 including 2 singles, 1 double and a triple. Jordan Baumann had 3 singles and Harper Rickard had 2.

Sto Bajarca

We hosted Essendon on the weekend and came away with a good win 10-0.

We capitalised on our opportunities, only

collecting 8 hits over the game with some quality at bats from Cade White and Bradyn Barker who had great team at bats for us. Alex James had a hot stick with 3 hits including 2 triples and 6 RBI’s. Kyle Robinson had 1 hit and 1 RBI. Bradyn Barker, Maxton Sherry and Cade White all had singles. Dan Mason was electric with his single in the 4th which continued our innings where we scored 3. Maxton Sherry had 2 stolen bases, Tyson Sherry and Bradyn Barker had 1 stolen base each.

Alex James had a day out, he had the start for us and got the win going 5 innings, striking out 12 giving up 1 hit. Cooper Laurie closed out the game spinning 2 innings striking out 4 not conceding a hit or a run.

Next week we take on top of the table Sandringham which will no doubt be a tough game.

Bruce Wood



Geelong 2nds had their 3rd win on the trot with an excellent 6-3 result over Essendon. Fair to say the quality of the starting pitching for both teams would not be seen that often in the 2s, with Luke Abels throwing for Essendon and Hayden Peoples for Geelong. Hayden was outstanding, recording 11 K's over 5 innings of work. He allowed 4 scattered hits and only walked 2. Noah Brennan pitched a couple of hitters and then Jake Elderfield pitched the last, coming into a jam and recording a couple of K's in an excellent cameo appearance. Geelong played error-less baseball in support of our pitchers.

I've said it each week, but our focus continues to be on having quality at bats and then getting our running game going. Jarrod Durston picked up 2 hits and his base-running scored us at least a couple of runs, where his aggression made something from nothing. Chris Durston picked up a hit and so did Noah Brennan, on a day when they were hard to come by. Importantly, all our players went deep into counts and put the ball in play at some critical times. Cooper Tipping, James Renouf and Jake Elderfield all had RBI's and Will Cavanagh picked up a couple of walks.

This was an excellent performance from the young team. Thanks as always to Craig Durston for his help and to Anna for scoring.

Phill Northfield



And here are the match reports for the Division 1, 3rds...

Sat 29/10 we hosted Essendon on GBC2. After a shaky 1st innings Jackson Viney settled into his work and threw 5 innings for 5 runs. Essendon were leading 5-2 into the bottom of the 3rd when our offence exploded to put up 9 runs. A combination of free passes and big hits doing the damage. We continued to tack on runs in the remaining innings winning 15-5.

Cam threw the last innings posting 11 of 12 pitches for strikes!

Nicholas 1 hit, Lucas 3 hits(inc double), Brody 1 hit (double), Jackson 2 hits (inc Double), JJesse 1 hit (double), Cam 2 hits(double & HR), Harvey 1 hit, Nick 1 hit


David Foster



Div. Women’s Match Report 29/10

Round 5 Vs. Alfredton

On one hand it was good to be heading to Ballarat for our 3rd game of the season but the drizzly weather was not giving us much comfort that we would actually play. Fortunately, as per usual we did not see the rain again as we drove past Mt Buninyong. When we arrived with the view of most grounds and carparks, revelling they were very water logged. However, the synthetic ground was waiting for us and it looked in mint condition.

Despite being very cold our girls started well with 7 batters making plate appearances to score one run but could this have been more with some extra luck. With Michelle Searle getting the first hit of the match. We started with Brooke Sadler on the mound and with the fifth pitch going high into left field where Heather Nichol took the catch after following instructions to the letter, with the ball landing straight into her glove for the first out. We finished the dig with a double play and we were on fire.

In the second innings we saw Bec Michael (playing her first ever game after just having trained on Thursday night) get a walk and be the first of our five runs. With outfield hits to Michelle and Brooke Sadler. Alfredton responded with 2 infield hits to score only one run.

In the third even though we got one run, we wasted our at bats with poor choices being made in the batting box. This was reflected somewhat in our fielding as Michelle tried hard on the mound in the windy conditions. Alfredton managed to score 3 runs with a couple of nice hits.

In our last innings we were more focussed as we scored 7 runs with only one out. There were hits to Brooke Sadler, Heather, Nikki and Michelle. In response Alfredton capitalised on our objective to give time on the mound to more pitchers. They did score 6 runs but we stuck to the task to get the 3 outs before they finished with the 7 run rule. Final score 14 to 10.

It was a great result as we saw players putting in place the skills, we worked on at training this week with lots of backing up and talking in the field. It was nice to see Heather and Elle Wilson making there return to the field to give us a full side.

22Craig Durston, Katrina Morgan and 20 others




Phill Northfield



OK, I'm a couple of games behind in my match reports... Here come 2 for U14 State.

Last week (23/10) we played Research at home in what was mostly a high quality game. Both teams pitchers threw plenty of strikes with lots of action in the field and very few walks. We were up 5-3 after 5 completed innings.... the top of the 6th we were off to a flyer with 2 quick outs we were 1 out away from another win. Unfortunately that would have been too simple, a muffed flyball, a couple of walks, a hit and another defensive miss que saw our opposition score 4. To our credit we remained up beat and had some more good at bats but we just weren't able to make any difference to the final score line. The good guys lost 7-5 in 6 innings.

Today (30/10) we played Essendon at Essendon. While the sun was shining the field was very wet and heavy under foot. We lost with a final score of 7-14 but that doesn't truly reflect the game.

Tylah showed great courage after being hit in the calf while pitching in the first innings to complete the innings. Reuben and Jack were both great in relief giving their team opportunities to get outs... we didn't always take the opportunities but we did create them. We had runners on base in all but 1 innings and we halved! our strike outs from the week before. Even though we wouldn't have been able to score enough to win in the last innings, we went down fighting. When the game was called we had bases loaded and only one out.

If we can continue to have quality at bats and take care of the ball in the field, success wont be far away.


ROUND 4 2022.2023

Lewis Weldon


Our firsts hosted Malvern on Saturday and came away with a 6-1 win.

Leading the hitting for the day was Jye Robinson, Tyler Luther-Wilson and birthday body James Wood all with 4 QABs each.

Will Brennan also contributed with 3.

Sam Gibbons was great in his first start going 7 innings for 1 earned run and 12 ks

Hayden Peoples closed it out the last 2 innings with 4 ks.

This weekend we look to continue our good form against a strong essendon side at home.

Big weekend for the club coming up with 7 senior teams at home on Saturday. Div 1 1st-4th, div 3 1st, 2nds as well as div 2 womens.

Bruce Wood


The 2nds put in a good performance to record a 16-6 result over Malvern. As always, I was proud of the contribution of all the guys, but particularly our younger players, with 5 of our 9 being aged less than 18.

Noah Brennan and Jarrod Durston shared the pitching duties and were well supported in the field overall. Our defence, apart from the first game, has been pretty strong and we will look to continue this trend. Tanner Stack again was a highlight at shortstop and Will Cavanagh, whose work at centrefield has been excellent all year, took another spectacular catch.

Dion Kirchner continued his outstanding year with 4 hits, Tanner Stack had 3, Cooper Tipping had 3, as did James Renouf. Noah Brennan and Will Cavanagh had a couple and single hits to Jarrod Durston and Jordan Ellis. However, our focus is not necessarily on 'hits. All players focused on QABs and our base running was aggressive.

It is good to see the kids enjoy a couple of wins. As I said after the game, sometimes we will struggle, but when they put it together this team can be very competitive.

Phill Northfield


And here are the match reports for the Division 1, 3rds...

Sat 22/10 we hosted Malvern on GBC3. Alex James had a blinder throwing 5 innings, Striking out 5, walking 1 and didn't give up a hit.

The game was tight through the first 3 innings with neither side being able to score. A lead off walk to Brody in the 4th got us going. A stolen base, a single to Alex, and a walk to Cameron had the bases loaded. While Nick hit into a double play, he scored us our first run and Lucas hit safely to score our second. We were quiet again in the 5th before putting up 10 runs in the bottom of the 6th!

Cam retired the side in order in both the 6th & 7th innings. The good guys winning 12-nil

Nicholas 2 hits, William 1 hit, Brody 1 hit (double), Alex 3 hits (inc HR), Cameron 2 hits, Lucas 2 hits, Hayden 1 hit

Deniz Horasan



On Saturday Division 1, 4s took on Malvern. Things started well for the us with William Fitzgerald taking the mound and deliver 4 innings and really keeping us competitive. This followed with Hamish Sutherland taking the mound and giving us a great 1.5 innings. He also got 2 strike outs and a great single with the bat.

Unfortunately, due to some misunderstanding with summer and winter league rules (by yours truly) and realising you can’t play the clock in Summer. The final score did not reflect the effort and how well we worked in the field and bats. Malvern ended up winning 17-9, however some great hitting from the team especially JJ Buzza who had 3 hits (single, double and home run as well as 2 RBI). Ben Johnson also delivered an infield home run. This followed with single hits from Harvey Eld, Jake Warren, Patrick Johnson, Alex 'hock' Hockey, Darcy Stack and Deniz Horasan.

Overall not the outcome we wanted, but the progress by the team is positive from a coach perspective.

Thank you to Alex Hockey who will be leading the team for next two weeks, while I am holidays.

Sto Bajarca


Div 3 1’s were back down on the Mornington Peninsula on the weekend taking on Chelsea. We had a good start scoring early and coming away with a 11-1 win.

As a team we combined for 19 hits with everyone in the lineup getting a hit. Jake Elderfield led the way with 4 hits, Lachlan Stott and Maxton Sherry both had 3 hits, Riley Peoples and Cade White had 2 hits each and Tyson Sherry, Dan Mason, Cooper Laurie and Bradyn Barker having 1 hit each. RBI’s went to Maxton Sherry (2), Lachlan Stott (2), Jake Elderfield (1), Cade White (1), Riley Peoples (1) and Cooper Laurie (1).

Our pitching was fantastic both having quality outings. Jake Elderfield had the start throwing 5 innings striking out 8, giving up 7 hits and 1 walk and 1 unearned run. Jake threw 97 pitches with nearly 70% being strikes. Riley Peoples took the ball in the top of the 6th and threw 4 shutout innings striking out 5, scattering 2 hits and walking 1. Riley threw 57 pitches over his 4 innings with 40 of them being strikes. Big shout out to Maxton too who caught a fantastic game taking control and working great with the Jake and Riley.

As was expected the game was played in great spirits with a lot of laughs from both teams and from the spectators.

Chris Rickard

Baycats u18 played at home this morning to Essendon, the result going the Bombers way 4-9.

Essendon pitched well keeping our bats quiet with only 3 hits. Harvey Elderfield 2h and Will Cavanagh 1 hit. Simon Day and Oliver Yarnell each had 1 RBI.

Cooper Tipping started pitching, got off to a good start with a quick 1st inning, then Ess scored 3 in the 2nd. Will Cavanagh was very good in relief.

Our fielding wasn’t as sharp as it has been in the first 2 games and Essendon’s hitting controlled the game. Outfielders Logan McConnel, Hamish Sutherland and Harvey all took good fly balls.

Thanks to Chris Hockey for umpiring.

Next week we play away to Research/Preston.

Phill Northfield



OK, I'm a couple of games behind in my match reports... Here come 2 for U14 State.

Last week (23/10) we played Research at home in what was mostly a high quality game. Both teams pitchers threw plenty of strikes with lots of action in the field and very few walks. We were up 5-3 after 5 completed innings.... the top of the 6th we were off to a flyer with 2 quick outs we were 1 out away from another win. Unfortunately that would have been too simple, a muffed flyball, a couple of walks, a hit and another defensive miss que saw our opposition score 4. To our credit we remained up beat and had some more good at bats but we just weren't able to make any difference to the final score line. The good guys lost 7-5 in 6 innings.

ROUND 3 2022.2023

Bruce Wood



The 2nds had a win over Blackburn 11-1. Pleasingly, we were able to play to our strengths, with some good defense and excellent base-running (6 stolen bases). We've been focusing on quality at bats all year and our work paid off this week, with all players contributing.

Chris Hockey pitched 4 innings with an excellent strike percentage of approximately 67 percent, only allowing 2 hits. Hayden Peoples then relieved and threw a lazy 6 k's from 2 innings of work. Hayden also had an excellent strike percentage. The pitchers were well supported by James Renouf behind the plate and by our fielders, notably Tanner Stack, who again had a very solid game at shortstop.

Dion Kirchner was our standout hitter with 4 hits and 2 RBI's. Jarrod Durston also had a couple of hits. Jordan Ellis, in his first game in the 2s had a hit, as did Will Cavanagh, Jake Elderfield and Tanner Stack. James Renouf hit a nice home run in the 5th innings. As I said above, our focus is on going deep into counts with quality at bats and all players contributed to the win.

The team is very young and we will no doubt have our ups and downs, but it was good to get a win and we look forward to our next game.

Sto Bajarca



Div 3 1’s took on Port Melbourne on the weekend and came away with a 29-1 win. Shout out to Port Melbourne who played the game in great spirits and continued to have fun as a group making a couple of great plays along the way.

Jackson Viney got the start for us throwing 4 innings giving up 1 hit, 1 earned run and striking out 8. Dan Mason was in relief for his first outing of the year throwing 3 innings giving up 3 hits and striking out 4.our defence was strong which was good to see considering the first couple of weeks we struggled to take care of the baseball.

Offensively our bats came to life combining for 28 hits as a team. Bradyn Barker and Dan Mason lead the way with 5 hits each, Cooper Tipping had 4 hits, Jackson Viney had 3 triples, Lachlan Stott also had 3 hits and was a single off the cycle, 2 hits each went to Riley Peoples and Cooper Laurie. Alex Hockey and Thomas Rome had a hit each. Well done to Thomas Rome getting his first senior hit for Baycats. RBI’s went to Bradyn Barker (2), Lachlan Stott (2), Cooper Tipping (3), Jackson Viney (3), Riley Peoples (4) and Dan Mason (2).

Next weekend we head back around the bay to take on Chelsea which should be another fun game

Martin Bouma


I'll start with what a game. The Div3 2nds played at home on the synthetic in fantastic baseball conditions. The opposition, Port Melbourne, are a development squad playing from Bendigo. As a good host, from the first inning we took charge and did not relent. Scoring 8 in the first, 9 in the second and 6 in the fourth. With the game ending 23 - 2.

15 hits, 14 walks, 7 steals and 2 (?) hpb sums up the movement on the bases . 3 hits to Rick Doherty (Triple and 2 singles) and Patrick Johnson (3 singles). 2 hits to Harry Sim (In the park HR and double), Martin Bouma and Jen Mason with 2 singles each. Ben Johnson, Kyle Robinson and Nick Allen each with a single.

Martin Bouma had a day on the hill. 4IP, 2ER, 7K, 3H and 3BB for his first season start. Throwing a complete game in 67 pitches. The two runs come from an in the park HR with a slap hit to RF. The fielding behind him was fantastic with no errors attributed to the side. A great running catch from Nick Allen, showing his stuff two weeks in a row.

This week we showed up with the bat and backed ourselves. Great work team! On the road this weekend to challenge Daniel Dobbie and the Chelsea Dolphins.

(Yes, its weird writing in third person )

Phill Northfield



Div1-3rds played Blackburn on diamond 2 and we were in total control, until we weren't!

Alex James had the start and was solid striking out 7 in 3 innings of work. Our bats were HOT with 17 hits, William & Maxton both with 3 and Nicholas, Adam, Brody & Lucas with 2 and Alex, Nick & Hayden with 1 each.

We had out scored the Burners 12 -3 through the first 5 innings and not looking to rub our opponents noses in it we were cruising to the finish line.

*BANG* what's that noise... that would be the preverbal wheels falling off. In the top of the 6th we combined to give up 4 hits, 4 HPB's and walk another 3 allowing them to score 9 and tie up the game.

Maxton led off our half innings with a nice hit into leftfield, he promptly stole second and advanced to 3rd on Lucas' bunt single. Hayden hit a comebacker to the pitcher who barely checked Maxton and threw to 1st the get the out. Maxton read the play perfectly and with a nice swim move avoided the tag and touched home plate.




David Foster



Div 3 Women’s Match Report 15/10

Round 3 Vs Werribee

Arrived a Werribee and just at the Pub we were greeted with a constant queue of traffic coming into Werribee central that reached past where you turn off to President Park. Flooded roads will do that to you every time. Fortunately the ground was in great condition.

We batted first and put 4 runs across due to our positive approach in the batting box as we picked great pitches to hit. In the bottom of the first we started with Brooke Sadler on the mound who threw many strikes that allowed our fielders to make several good outs, which saw Werribee remaining scoreless.

Brooke continued to throw 3 great innings with one safe hit been achieved by Werribee. Brooke threw 43 pitches with 30 being strikes and getting 4 strike outs to give us a great start.

We continued to bat strongly scoring runs in 4 of the 5 innings we batted. Along the way we acquired 19 hits.

In the last innings we changed the team around to give people some opportunities, which only resulted in 3 runs being scored by Werribee.

There were several great plays made by the following players Keira Wilson, Michelle Searle, Magda Boros, Nikki Chapman and Sarah Upton at first.

Our hitting details are as follows, Meg Fahy 4 from 4 with 6RBs, 3 hits to Magda, Brooke S and Keira. Then 2 hits to Michelle and Sarah (inc a triple and 3RBs). With Phoebe Arnott and Nikki (2RBs) getting 1 hit each.

Well done to you all 2 great wins but it’s a long season and this just gets us up and running and there will be hard games coming so enjoy the journey and keep learning. Williamstown here we come. Bye the way the scores 15 to 3

ROUND 2 2022.2023


Lewis Weldon


Our firsts travelled out to Waverley to take on the wildcats on Saturday but went down 2-0.

Dan McGrath was excellent once again tossing 7 innings for 11ks

Stand out in the box was James Wood with 4 quality at bats.

The team had opportunities throughout the game and put up fight in the last inning.

Next weekend we take on Blackburn at home on Sunday

Bruce Wood


The 2nds were defeated by Waverley 9 - 1 after they jumped us in the first couple of innnings. The 2nd half of the game was good for us. Jake Elderfield threw 2 1/3 innings of excellent relief pitching and Noah Brennan threw 2 innings as well. It was great to have Jarrod Durston back to close the game too.

It was also pleasing to see our young players perform well. Tanner Stack had a strong game. Tanner had a couple of hits, played well at shortstop and also took a screamer in the outfield. Will Cavanagh also hit a nice double early in the game. Jarrod Durston had an RBI double and Chris Hockey had a hit. Hayden Peoples also had 2 high quality at bats with a couple of walks. Thanks to Chris Hockey for slotting in as catcher in this game at short notice.

I said to the guys after the game - we aren't that far away. We need to clean up some of our defensive work and continue to have quality at bats and let the result take care of itself. Next week we have Blackburn at home in what will be another tough game.


Martin Bouma


Evening team,

With the wild weather through the week we traveled to the Berwick Baseball Club to play against Pakenham. Pakenham's ground deemed "very wet". The ground in Berwick was in fantastic shape for a baseball game given the volume of water it had received. The Div 3 2nds receive their second defeat for the season against who is likely the strongest opponent in our draw. Going down 16-7.

Despite the score, the game was much closer than the result. The score 9-7 going into the bottom of the 4th inning. For the second week in a row the team did well in the batters box. Taking advantage of opportunities that presented themselves scoring in each inning. The team only managed 4 hits; 2 singles to Kyle Robinson, 1 double to Martin Bouma and 1 single to the "retired" Brenton Laurie. With a tighter strike zone, we received 7 walks and a HPB (had to be me -.-). The team came across home plate to score 7 times with 12 base runners. Steals to Nick Allan, Rick Doherty, and an injured Philip Sage, who surprised everyone taking third without a challenge.

Kyle Robinson started our pitching effort with a solid 3 inning outing, striking out 2. Patrick Johnson, come in temporary relief but after some command trouble was switched with Martin Bouma in the final frame. Martin coming in striking out 3, but not before giving up an ambush double. Pakenham are known for their solid offense and this time it was no exception racking up 9 hits in the 4 innings played. Nick Allen made two ranged catches in centerfield helping out the pitching staff.

Next week we play Port Melbourne at home. Lets continue to work hard and the wins will come. Go Baycats!

Chris Rickard


Baycats U18 opened our season with a home game against Sunshine playing on GBC4, getting the win 11-1.

Harvey Elderfield started on the hill, Sunshine’s top order quickly loaded the bases threatening to score before Harvey settled and in struck out the next 3 hitters. Harvey was great throwing 4Inn, 5h 6k 1BB 1r. In relief was Harper Rickard with 2inn, 2h, 1k, 2bb, 0r.

Our hitters were really good, scoring in all but the 5th inn with a big 3rd dig scoring 5 to take control of the game. Tanner Stack, Bradyn Barker and Harper led the hits with 2 each, Tanner & Bradyn also had an RBI each.

Also with 1 hit to each Hamish Sutherland (dbl, 1rbi), Maxton Sherry (2rbi) and Harvey (1rbi).

All players contributed in the game with good at bats and defensively, it was nice to get the win to open the season.

Thanks to Nick Zanghi for umpiring.

Brenton Laurie


Baycats U16 took to the trip to Waverley for the season opener with 10 new players coming up from last years U14 teams the team started a bit shaky and nervous in the first couple of innings letting Waverley get a 8 run lead but after the second we started to play a lot better baseball platting 5 runs in the final 2 innings and leaving a couple of runners on the bases the final score was 13-5

Phill Northfield


After an extended hiatus today saw the return of Baycats U14 State travel ball and boy were we all excited!

Tylah, Theo, Toby & Reuben all pitched well throwing plenty of strikes. Ash & Lucas shared todays catching duties.

Everyone on the team contributed to today's win over Sunshine 17-3.

Reuben had a day to remember on top of his pitching (60% Strikes) he had 3 doubles, 4RBI's, 2 stolen bases a walk and scored 3 times!

Our defensive standout today was Sid, who made some great plays at first to help keep their runners off the bases.

It was especially great to see all of the hard work these kids have put in at training be rewarded.

Thanks to Arnie and Tarney for helping set up the field and to Martin for umpiring.


ROUND 1 2022.2023

David Foster


Round 1 Div 3 Women’s Port Melbourne V’s Geelong Baycats

Our first game was against Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne a team we had not met before and with 8 players. Once we all found a car park (which was a fair walk from the ground) it was a chance to meet and prepare for the game. For me it was a nervous starting point as it was the first time coaching a team for awhile and one that had limited time to prepare and a team we knew little about. I did not need to worry as our girls were full of excitement and were looking forward to the challenge.

It was a perfect day to play ball and we started well with several good at bats including Brooke Robertson who in her first game ever dragged one down for what is commonly referred to as a swinging bunt (in fact she may have got 3 hits for the day). Heather Nichol hit strongly all day and would have got at least 3 safe hits to the outfield. Brooke Sadler worked hard behind the plate and was very switched on in the batting box right from the start as she got a least 2 hits. Magda Boros was unlucky to get caught in the outfield at her first at bat as the left fielder took a nice catch. We scored 4 runs in the first innings as Michelle Seattle took to the mound to led the defence of this total.

Port started well, to respond with 3 runs and we thought we had really challenge ahead of us. However as Michelle went on to pitch a total of 4 innings, our team found its mojo in the field and we only allowed them to score 1 more run. With Heather doing well at third and Sarah Upton working hard at first base making it hard for Port to get into the game.

We had a quiet second innings scoring only one run but as Meg Fahy, Sarah and Michelle adjusted to the pitching and challenging strike zone (each got at least 2 hits each) we scored 6 runs in each of the last 2 innings. Nikki Chapman managed the outfield confidently and had a number of good at bats.

Sorry I am not being precise with the hits and plays as we did not have a scorer and we are waiting for the computer version to arrive via an email. So in summing up our team bonded well and their were plenty of smiles with a final score of 17 to 4. Job done for the first round at least and we are all looking forward to next week’s game against Fitzroy.

A special mention to our opposition who played the game in the right spirit to make it such a great day for everyone.

Martin Bouma


Good morning all,

The 3rd 2nds travelled to Mornington on Sunday to play in perfect conditions for round one. The team worked hard and played very well unfortunately coming to a 22-13 loss in what will be the longest third inning of our careers. 28 runs being scored between the two teams in the frame.

Lily Kevelham took the mound to start working hard over 2.1 innings. Harry Sims stepped up in relief in the third inning, but the Pirates bats were hot on the day and we didnt capitalise on some opportunities in the field. Kyle come in to finish the inning off only needing 3 pitches to register the last out. Kat Edwards did a great job behind the dish in what would be a 40 minute 3rd inning in the field.

The team did a fantastic job at the plate scoring in each inning; 2 scoring in the first, 1 in the second and 10 in the third. Harry and Patrick showed us their running game with each of them taking bases with aggressive running. The newlywed and fresh from Bali, Kyle Robinson, stepped off the plane and up to the plate with a double and a single. Martin Bouma followed suit with a double and a single. Kat Edwards, Patrick Johnson and Phill Sage all getting single hits. Phill with a dramatic infield single running out a fly ball dropping between the catcher and pitcher. Collectively the team walked 13 times showing patience with the bat.

The roller coaster of a match showed strengths and weaknesses for us to work on throughout the season. Onward to Pakenham! Go baycats!

Bruce Wood


Division 1 2nds had their first game of the season at Berwick on the weekend. Again this year we put a very young side out on the field, with 6 of the team 18 years or under. Berwick were pretty strong and ended up winning 7-3. Offensively, Dion Kirchner had good at bats all day and ended up with a couple of hits. Will Cavanagh, Chris Durston and Chris Hockey all had single hits. Chris Hockey started for us on the mound and did a good job over 4 innings, giving up 3 hits and having 2 strike outs. Noah Brennan threw an innings with a couple of K's. We struggled slightly to back up our pitchers with defence, but this should improve with more time on the track. We play Waverley next week and will look to build on our performance.




to Bajarca


Div 3 1’s were away at Mornington today. We came by road and sea to get there but maybe we need to look at chartering a flight next time .

We took a 21-11 loss however there were a lot of up sight from the game. We rolled out a number of our juniors to pitch and they did fantastic but we struggled in the field which ultimately proved the difference. Riley Peoples had the start and did great keeping the ball down and giving our field a lot of opportunities for outs, Lachlan Stott closed out the second innings before handing the ball to Cooper Laurie who went 2 2/3 innings throwing plenty of strikes and also giving the field plenty of chances for outs. Cade White closed out the game for us giving up 1 hit. I couldn’t be happier with the way the kids threw.

Offensively we rallied in the 4th and 5th innings scoring 11 runs and getting us within 5 in the 5th. Cade White led the way for us with 3 hits and 4 RBI’s, Cooper Laurie had 2 hits and 2 RBI’s, Alex Hockey and Jordan Ellis both had 2 hits and an RBI each and Lachlan Stott had 2 hits.

There were a lot of positives out of the game today with the way the juniors pitched and how we battled in the box and didn’t drop our heads. Whilst we weren’t as clean in the field as we should have been we seemed to cop a lot of bad hops, but that’s baseball though.

Mornington were strong and hit the ball hard all day and took advantage of the opportunities we gave them.

Next Saturday we have the road trip down to Pakenham which will be another tough game.


Deniz Horasan


Div 1 - 4s started our summer campaign with an away outing against Berwick. Thanks to a full winter campaign for most, the lads looked ready and keen to play some ball. The team looked in full control with a comfortable 9-2 victory.

Jackson Viney led the charge for us on the mound with delivering an unbelieve 3 2/3rd dig with 11 strike outs and only 2 runs conceded. He also had 2 hits (single and double) and 1 RBI.

JJ Buzza then came in to close out the game with delivering 1K and helping end a dominant performance. He also helped out nicely with the bat getting 1 hit (single).

Leading with the bat, our lead off Maxton Sherry set the tone with agressive base running, getting 2 hits (double and triple), 2 RBI plus taking two HPB. He was also exceptional behind the mound.

Tyson Sherry also had a great day out with the bat getting 2 hits (2 singles), 1 RBI.

A new addition to the senior squad was Hudson Carr, playing his first senior game for Baycats. He had a great start with a single on his first at-bat and 1 RBI.

Overall everyone enjoyed themselves and looked alert with stealing and base running, which helped when we had scoring opportunities.

Great way to start the season and looking forward to working with everyone. Thanks also to Donna Northfield for scoring for us and Phill Northfield helping out on bases and supporting with coaching tips. #gobaycats

Baycats Baseball Club

Geelong Baycats 1sts couldn't keep up with Melbourne and fell 8-1 on Saturday.

Rudy Jaramillo started the game for Geelong. Jaramillo surrendered zero runs on zero hits over three innings, striking out two and walking zero

Alex James, Sam Reale and Connor Hughes all pitched in relief.

Geelong’s only hits were from Jordan Baumann, Rudy Jaramill