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         Baycats 2023.2024 match reports

Matt Scutchings


Under 12’s Metro West took on the Diamond Creek Devils at there home track and came away with a 16-0 win.

Jasper started the game throwing 2 1/3 innings and also hitting an in the park home run. Hunter came in and done his job closing the game out. Our bats were swinging well with multiple hits and moving runners around. Next week we are off to Newport for another away game.

Go Baycats

Kyle Robinson


The fourths travelled to Waverly yesterday in what turned out a pretty decent day for baseball.

We got on the board early scoring in the top of the first

That was the last time we were in front for the day.

Waverly scored in each inning with some hard hitting and hitting the gaps as the wind played a little bit of havoc for us with the fly balls.

A blowout in the end, we just couldn’t get the basics right and errors hurt us throughout the game, eventually going down 27-1.

We will regroup this week and put the last few weeks behind us and focus on this week. Keep your heads up boys we will bounce back from this

#gobaycats #letsgomeow




David Foster


Women’s Match Report Vs Mitchell Majors

We had our first home game for the season and it was great to be on diamond 2. Today we had a group of 13 players to work with and the Majors were one short so this helped us to keep players actively involved as we provided a sub fielder each innings.

We started well keeping them to 1 run as Saya Turnley struck the first and last hitter out. Our team had our best start for the season with singles to Magda Boros, Saya, Michelle Searle, Jen Mason, Nikki Chapman, & Jordan Sollars. We also had 2 HPB’s one to Rach Talbot and Brooke Robertson (her 5th for the season) as we scored 6 runs.

In the second we kept them scoreless with Rach at shortstop throwing out the first one to Jen at first base. Saya struck out the next batter and Sarah Upton threw out the third hitter to Jen to close the innings down. We responded strongly with runs as Rach smashed a double to left field and the following hitters getting singles. Saya, Michelle & Jordan.

In the third Saya continued to work hard with a K2-3 as Michelle threw the ball to Jen for the out. Sorry about the exact details for this innings as I was shaking when I took the photo and now can’t read all the details. In our last at bat we managed to score 4 more runs with singles to Michelle (her 3rd for the day), Sarah and Beth Jordan’s first double for the season.

In the last innings we made wholesale changes in the field with Jen striking out the first hitter followed up with 1-3 to Sarah and finally we managed to get the last out with a 6-4 through the efforts or Jordan to Phoebe Arnott at second. Not a bad effort Jen only 8 pitches with one safe hit. In our last at bat our 5 hitters failed to get a run across the plate but to win 17 to 1 who is going to complain. Well done team.


Christopher Durston


The 2nds had a massive 10-9 win over the second place waverley this afternoon.

Starting on the bump cooper tipping had a great 2 innings before getting himself into a little bit of trouble in the 3rd.

Always reliable jake elderfield came into the game and kept us in it for 2 innings.

9-2 down coming into the bottom of the inning some awesome team hitting, doing the little things and moving the runners over gave us a real chance going into the last inning. Trailing 8-9.

Jake with quick work made sure we were still in the game coming into the bottom of the last. Down 8-9.

Waverley's pitcher struggled with the zone & put the first 2 batters aboard. Lucas ash got on base with a sharp hit to 3rd, giving us the upper hand with bases loaded.

With heads up baseball between the 3rd base coach and the runner no time was called when the catcher went to speak to the pitcher.

3rd base runner scored for a walk off steal.

Really proud of the way we played today. Never giving up.

Looking forward to next weekend


Lewis Weldon


Tough loss for our first on Sunday against the defending champions.

Our pitchers did well against a potent up way line up.

We host Waverley Saturday this week at home.



Matt Scutchings


Under 12’s metro west have started the season great with a 4-0 record.

Sundays game was against the Titans again and we came away with a 13-7 win.

Cody started on the hill with 2 great innings and Evan came in to close the game.

Bats were swinging again with multiple hits recorded and strong base running when opportunities arose. This week we are on the road again to take on Diamond Creed.

Go Baycats

David Foster

  · 4.11.23

Women’s Match Report V’s Sunshine

Well, it was an early start as we had a 10.30 game. We were on the road just after 8.00am, I must say it reminded me of our junior days all over again.

We batted first which is no surprise, I guess. We encountered a pitcher throwing very slowly so this rattled us a bit, with only Saya Turnley getting on base with a nice shot to left field. As a result, no runs were scored. With Saya returning to the mound this week we had them 3 up 3 down very quickly with a 5 to 3 from Sarah Upton to Jen Mason. Then she struck out the next hitter and threw out the third out to first.

In the second Sarah led off by smashing one over left field’s head to get an in the park home run. The next 2 hitters struggled with the slow pitching which left us with 2 outs. Phoebe Arnott got us going again with a nice hit to left field and this was followed up with walks to Brooke Robertson, Beth Jordan, Mikayla Graf and Magda Boros. Then Saya got her second hit to left field, to help us eventually score 7 runs with 2 outs. Sunshine managed to scramble one run for the dig whilst Saya got 2 strike outs and a good throw from Nikki Chapman helped to get the K2-3 for side away.

In our third we scored another 7 runs with 2 outs again as Jen got her first hit, a single to left field, followed up by Sarah with a double and a single to Jordan Sollars. With walks to Phoebe and Mikayla we were loaded up again so Mags, Rach Stoddard and Saya could maximum results from their singles. Despite a wayward throw to the first hitter Sunshine had, Saya again dominated on the mound keeping them to one run with a pick off at first and 2 strike outs.

In our last at bat, we scored 1 run with hits to Sarah and Nikki to finish with 15 runs. With just enough time I time left to complete an innings, Rach got her first start on the mound (possibly first ever) and kept them to one run. Starting with a nervous walk then getting the next 2 hitter to hit firstly to Saya at short for an easy out followed up with another solid play from Sarah at third to get the runner at first. Rach continued to feel the ups and downs of a pitcher as she hit the next hitter but then came back strongly to strike out the last hitter. Leaving them with only 3 runs.

Kyle Robinson

  · 4.11.23

The last 2 weeks haven’t been kind to the 4ths

We went down in a hard fought game against Essendon 11-10. We hit the ball well in great conditions in our first away game but Essendon got the better of us on so timely hits and capitalising on a couple of tough called walks

But we played hard and didn’t go down without a fight

This weekend, we took on Upwey FTG at home, absolutely perfect conditions for baseball.

Unfortunately it just wasn’t our day.

Upwey came out of the gate hot with some hard hits, we went 2 pitches in with 2 outs to start the game, but they began to find the gaps as the game went on

Our bats seemed to be a bit quieter this week than what they have been so far this season, but we didn’t go down without a fight and had some really good quality at bats.

This week we travel to Waverly for another away game where we look to get back into the winners column

Let’s go meow #go baycats


Kira Kuwamoto

  · 5.11.23

R4: Our U16 Metro had an another strong win against Essendon Spitfires 15-7

Until this game, both team were undefeated. Our players were picking strike balls well to hit, pitching well, and winning. So proud of them! Get back to training and repeat the basics to keep winning


Toby Arnott-3 singles

Tyler Wood-2 singles

Caster Swinton-1 singles

RBIs- We collected 14

Reid Sexton, Brandon McDowall, Caster-3

Toby Arnott, Tyler Wood-2

Saya Turnley-1


Toby-3 1/3 innings, 4Ks, 8BBs, 1HPB, 4ERs


Andrew Fielden

  · 5.11.23

The Under 16 State Team had a 9 all draw with Williamstown.

Williamstown jumped out to lead with 5 runs in the first. The side just kept chipping away at the scoreline to eventually tying the game in the last innings.

Alex and Miles leaded the way with 3 hits each followed by Allistaire and Theo with 2 hits and Sid a single.

Tylah and Rueben did an outstanding job on the hill.

We just need to clean up our defence a little and the results should start going our way.

Andrew Fielden

  · 5.11.23

The thirds picked up their 5th win for the season beating Upwey FTG 8 to 5.

Itsuki Kozaki started on the hill going 4.1 innings (3H, 7K, 3BB 4 Runs) with Alex Hockey closing out the game (.2 Innings 1BB, 1 Run). Defensively we had another strong performance in the field.

We out hit Upwey 8 to 3 with Will Fitzgerald (2 RBIs) and Cade White (1 RBI) collecting 2 hits each. Single to Alex Hockey, Patrick Johnston (2 RBIs), Itsuki Kozaki (1 RBI) and Brad Mann.

Phill Northfield

  · 5.11.23

In perfect playing conditions, U14 State defeated Research 13-4.

Our pitchers set the tone throwing >60% strikes and working quickly. This ensured that our defence was ready to make a play, and they did, as we played errorless baseball.

Our bats were hot too as we amassed 13hits.

Four games in and this new group of players is starting to gell.

Everyone contributed something positive to today's win.


Christopher Durston

  · 6.11.23

The 2nds made the trip up to a sunny upwey today.

Jake Elderfield had the start and threw a solid 3 Innings while getting into a little bit of trouble he managed to get himself out of it.

Bradyn Barker was in releif and was great through his innings. Upwey are a very good hitting team. Coming into this game both of us were undefeated so far.

Some good hitting by them gave them the lead late in the game & unfortunately we were unable to get the run back going down 6-7

Special mention to Kira Kuwamoto who played her first senior game In the 2nds and had some great at bats.

We are back at it next week & we will be coming out firing

David Foster


Women's Match Report V’s Alfredton Round 4

Thanks to Toyota, Brooke Robertson was able to organise a bus, so 9 us of were picked up and driven in style to Ballarat. As part of team bonding, we meet at the market in Buninyong for lunch. We arrived in time to warm up but were hit by a very strong North Easterly wind which stuck with us all day.

We led of strongly with walks to Magda Boros, Michelle Searle, Jen Mason and a single to Kira Kuwamoto to score 2 runs. Alfredton started strongly with 2 hits off Kira but thanks to a line drive catch to Kira and a quick throw to Saya Turnley to get a double play, which meant they only scored one run.

Despite a lead off walk to Sarah Upton and single to Pheobe Arnott we were kept scoreless. In Alfredton’s second innings Saya took a nice line drive at 3rd to get the first out and then kept behind a ball that kicked up aiming to take her head off but she reacted instinctively to glove the ball and make the throw to Jen at first for 2 outs. Unfortunately, they took advantage of a triple to score 2 runs.

In our third innings we really took advantage of the walks given to Saya, Kira (intentional) Rach Talbot, Nikki Chapman and a HPB to Michelle Searle, as we scored 4 runs. Despite giving up 2 early runs in the bottom of the third we settled and only allowed one more runner on, as we closed out the innings.

In our final at bat, we managed to score 5 runs with singles to Saya and Sarah and an in the park homerun to Kira. In response Alfredton failed to use the chances they had to score any runs, as Michelle got her throw to Jen for a K2-3, Jen took another fly ball at first and Magda finished the day off with her throw from second to Jen to get the last out.

Well done everyone you all played a part in this 11 to 5 win. With a special mention to Kira who threw her first complete game for us this season and hit a home run. Congratulations to Michelle who returned to catching after a string of niggling knee injuries.

Kira Kuwamoto

  · 1.11.23

Round 3: Our U16 Metro team was drew the game with Essendon Bombers 6-6. Our team couldn’t play their best in the early and middle part of the game but they were able to get back to their own play at the end. We were 2runs down before the last inning but we finished with a draw. The massive point was that the players kept the focus even in a tight game.

The offensive side collected 6 runs with 5RBIs and some good hits. Reid Sexton lead the way with the bat 2 hits,(1 triple), 3 SBs, and 2 RBIs.

Brandon McDowall and Sid Grimmer collected 2hits and 1RBI.

Saya Turnley started and threw 3 solid innings with 1 ER. Toby Arnott coming into relieve throwing with 5 Ks and 2 ER. Sid Grimmer finished the last inning.

Keep doing our aggressive base running and hitting, communicating each other.

Go baycats!

Andrew Fielden

  · 31.10.23

The thirds picked up their 4th win of the season defeating Essendon 10 - 6.

Nick Zanghi (Single, Double) and Cade White (Single, Triple and 3 RBIs) led the offensive with 2 hits each. Will Fitzgerald (Single), Matt Taylor (Triple and 2 RBIs), Kira Kuwamoto (Single and 4 RBIs), Itsuki Kozaki (Triple), Miles Paulley (Single) and Hudson Carr (Single) all collected 1 hit each.

Another strong defence effort by the side was strong again with outstanding plays made by Itsuki Kozaki at Short Stop.

Cade White was good on the hill throwing 3.1 innings allowing 2 Hits 4 Walks and 1 run.

Cooper Laurie, Kira Kuwamoto and Itsuki Kozaki shared the load in relief.


Andrew Fielden

  · 31.10.23

The Under 16 State West side headed to Essendon and went down 1 – 7 in a game that doesn’t reflect the scored line.

It was a true pitches duel.

We headed into the bottom of the fourth inning with the score 1 – 0 up. Essendon came alive scoring 7 runs.

Rueben Millar was outstanding on the mound throwing 3 Innings 2 Hits 6 Ks 3 Walks 1 HPB and 4 Runs.

We collected 5 hits with Allistaire Lang (Triple) Theo Hedt (Double) and Singles to Tylah Laurie, Alex Papadopoulous and Hunter Mann.

Next week we play Williamstown at home.

Matt Scutchings

  · 29.10.23

Under 12’s metro west had another great game beating Fitzroy 13-6. Our bats were swing today with 2 triples hit and plenty of RBI’s off the bat. Jasper started the game well throwing 3 innings and Tate and Cody in relief done there jobs as well. Next week off to battle Titans again on there deck. Hopefully the weather is like today.

Go Baycats

Phill Northfield   29.10.23

In absolutely glorious conditions U14 State hosted Essendon in what was a cracker of a game.

While the good guys went down 7-5 there is plenty of up side for our team of mostly bottom aged players.

The result is a bit of a reality check for our players and a timely reminder that we need to come ready to play... for the full 2 hours.

Christopher Durston

  · 28.10.23

Coming up against an ex pro in sam Street the 2nds knew that today was going to be a battle VS a solid essendon side.

Bradyn barker got the start and got through 4 solid innings of work.

Copper tipping came into releif and did what we asked him to do, with jake elderfield closing the game out for us.

Between both teams there were 0 hits. James renouf got plugged twice, and a couple of the younger players played some well judged short ball.

Darcy stack reached first in the bottom of the last & some chaos in between ensured a baycats walk off win.

Super proud of these players never giving up & never dropping their heads. We were never out of the game and the encouragement from the bench was awesome !

Bring on next week.

Baycats U18's 22.10.23

The U18s jouyned up the Hwy to play against Werribee on Sat 22nd Oct. Our boys arrived ready to play with Brayden Barker taking the mound for 4 inning pitching 60 before Will Cav finished off in the 5th.. The wind was blowing and the bats were singing.. we came away with a convincing win..13 - 2

A big thanks for all the players... great game and great sportsmanship..

Andrew Fielden


Round 3

The Thirds had a strong win over Williamstown 12-2.

The side collected 10 hits. Leading the way was Darcy Stack going 3 from 3 and 2 RBIs.

Matt Taylor and Cooper Tipping collecting 2 hits each.

Kira Kuwamoto and Patrick Johnston 1 hit each.

Cade White was strong on the hill throwing 4 solid innings. 1 Hit, 5 Ks, 3 Walks 1 Run.

Cooper Laurie threw 1 innings of relief 1 Hit, 1 K, 1 BB, 1 Run.

Kyle Robinson


Couple rounds below here for the 4ths……

Round 1 - we enjoyed a forfeit from Berwick and started off the season 1-0

Round 2 - we got our first home game in against Sunshine for the Baycats 40th celebrations and came away with a 13-2 win. Daniel Dobbie threw out the complete game on this one, with some of the juniors really showing the depth we have, hitting the ball hard and running bases at every opportunity.

We go up on the season to 2-0

Round 3 - our 3rd home game in a row, this week against Williamstown. Perfect conditions for baseball. Tight battle early on, Williamstown scored 2 in the first but we answered straight back with 2 of our own and then added 1 in each of the next 3 innings.

We came into the bottom of the 6th leading 5-3 and put on 4 more runs. We finished the game with a win 9-3 to extend our unbeaten run to 3-0.

Next week we travel to Essendon.

Top effort boys #GoBaycats

Matt Scutchings


Under 12’s metro had another strong win defeating Titans 15-1.

Even Clarke started the game well on the hill with 2 scoreless innings. Leo came in to finish the game off well.

We didn’t get many opportunities to swing the bat but when we got the chance we got our hacks in.

This week we are back at home

Go Baycats

Andrew Fielden


The Under 16 State West Team had a big win defeating Newport 21 to 4.

Rueben Millar started on the mound throwing 3 quality innings (3 Inn, 4 Hits, 4 Ks, 2 Walks 1 ER). Mason Hergstrom was strong in relief throwing (2 Inn, 3 Hits, 3 Ks 2 Walks, 3 ER)

The team collected 11 hits. With a total of 30 base runners for the game.

Miles Paulley lead the way with the bat 2 hits and 2 walks (Triple and a Double).

2 Hits: Rueben Millar, Alex Papadopolous, Ash Kaberry.

1 Hit: Allistaire Lang, Tylah Laurie, Mason Hergstorm, Sid Grimmer and Reid Sexton.

Walks: 3 Beau Spencer, 2 Miles Paulley, Sid Grimmer, Reid Sexton. 1 Allistaire Lang, Tylah Laurie, Rueben Millar,

The team played solid defence with just the one error. A big improvement on last week.

Allistaire Lang was solid in the outfield.

Next week we take on Essendon.


Kira Kuwamoto


Our U16 Metro fought hard for another win, even thought it was a cold and windy day.

Final score was 10-5

Our starting pitcher Thomas Rome throwing hitless 3 innings - 7 Ks, 6 BBs (one inning was 3 up 3 down). Relief pitcher Theo Hedt throwing 2 innings - 5 Ks, 2 BBs, 1 H. Both finished without any Earned Runs.

Total of 4 Hits and 6 RBIs. We took lots of opportunities to steal bases led by Theo 4 and Saya Turnley 3

Single hit- Theo, Toby Arnott, Brandon McDowall, Lachlan Conners

Sacrifice fly- Brandon

2RBIs- Tylor Wood

RBI- Theo, Toby, Brandon, Lachlan

Christopher Durston


Another great performance by the 2nd today VS Williamstown.

In cold, wet & windy conditions we came away with a solid 14-1 win.

Chris hockey started the game and was perfect through his 4 innings of work, with jake elderfield coming in to close the game out.

We took it right up to Williamstown from the first pitch, Will Cavenagh leading off with another great bunt to reach first base & we never looked back. There was some long, hard fighting at bats by the players today.

Solid fielding all day made it hard for them to reach base.

Hayden peoples without a doubt his best offensive game of his career hit 2 monster bombs to dead centre field scoring a majority of our runs.

Phill Northfield


U14 State played at home in less than optimal conditions and came away with a 13 to 2 win over Preston/Fitzroy.

We out hit our opposition 12 to 3 and our pitchers were efficient throwing ~70% strikes.

Next week we take on Essendon at Essendon.


Also want to give a shout out and a big thank you to the parents who helped us set up and pack up the field. Your help is greatly appreciated.





Andrew Fielden


Round 2

The thirds had a win at home against Sunshine 14 – 4.

With Cade White starting on the mound throwing 3 innings and Cooper Laurie coming into relieve throwing 2 innings, all runs made were unearned.

The side collected 14 hits and 14 RBI’s.

Lucas Ash getting 3 hits, including a home run and 2 RBI’s. Nick Zanghi also getting 3 hits and 3 RBI’s.

Kira Kuwamoto getting 2 hits and 4 RBI’s.

Kiyoe Turnley


U16 Metro team had a strong start to the season against Diamond Creek, 21 - 2 win.

Our starting pitcher Theo Hedt throwing 2 innings - 4 Ks, 2 BBs, 1 H. Relief pitcher Mason Herstrom throwing 2 innings - 4 ks, 2 BBs, 1 H (one inning was 3 up 3 down)

Total of 7 Hits and 10 RBIs, with everyone crossing the plate across the 4 innings. Theo Hedt and Mason Herstrom 3 RBIs

2 Hits - Theo Hedt (single and double)

Single - Toby Arnott, Mason Herstrom, Thomas Rome, Caster Swinton, Saya Turnley

2 HPBs - Brandon McDowall

First ever baseball game - Finley Devaney

Every player contributed to the win, and even though this is our first game for the season, the teamwork and communication was fantastic throughout the game.

From Kira

Matt Scutchings


Under 12’s metro started the season with a well 13-3 win over Fitzroy. Jasper started the game strong on the hill followed by Jax in relief. The boys were keen in the batters box all game and made the most of opportunities on base.

The boys showed a lot of respect for the under manned Fitzroy team with encouragement towards them and even filling there 2 vacant spots in the outfield each innings.

Next week we travel to Mc Phersons Park to take on the Titans.

Go baycats

David Foster


Women's Match Report V’s Newport Round 2

We arrived at Newport to conditions you would call good for winter, a bit of wind with very light showers. As the game went along the showers disappeared and a northly wind whipped in, making playing conditions a little tricky.

In the first innings we started well with singles to Magda Boros and Saya Turnley form there we had limited opportunities to hit cleanly as strikes were hard to come by (which became a theme for day as finished up with 13 walks, plus 4 HPB’s) and as a result we failed to score more than 2 runs. Newport responded with 6 runs from 3 hits as we missed a few opportunities to get outs. However, Jordan Sollers got the final out (a strike out) in her first match time visit to the mound.

In the second we batted better to score 7 runs with singles to Nikkie Chapman, Andrea Huggins and Pheobe Arnott. We were able to keep Newport to 3 runs due mainly to entry of Michelle Searle to the mound as our 4th pitcher for the day. Michelle struck one batter out and enticed the next hitter hit a catch to Rach Stoddart at short stop. Rach was again involved a play shortly afterwards to throw the runner out to Keira Wilson at 3rd to shut the innings down.

In the third we failed to score a run which allowed Newport to stay tied with us even though we had our chances. In response Newport picked up a couple of singles to record 3 runs.

With not much time left we batted again and managed to score another run due mainly to the wayward pitching we faced. The final result was 10 to 12 in Newport’s favour. Sadly, a game we should have won but we have to work harder on our hitting when pitchers are throwing very slow. So, lets train harder to get the results we should be entitled to.

Phill Northfield


U14 State opened up their Championship Title defence with a big win over Newport in 6 innings.

While the score was one sided, every player contributed .

The Baycats players stayed focused on us and showed great sportsmanship and respect towards our opposition.

Next week (Rnd 2) we are home on Sunday to Preston/Fitzroy.

Andrew Fielden


The 3rds had a strong start to the season against an under manned Berwick side, taking the win, 22 to 0.

Cooper Laurie started on the hill throwing 3 innings (1 H, 5 Ks, 2 BB,) Kira Kuwamoto finished off the game throwing 2 innings (1 H, 2 Ks, 1 BB)

Defensively the side was strong with no errors. Tylah Laurie had1 Assist, 4 Put Outs and 3 of those were all in the last innings.

Our offence when to work from the 1st innings scoring 7 runs and continued scoring another 15 runs over 3 innings, with everyone crossing the plate across the 5 innings.

Patrick Johnston (3 RBIs) and Matt Taylor (2 RBIs) leading the way collecting 3 Hits each. Patrick was a home run shy of the cycle..

The team collected a total of 17 hits and 20 RBI’s.

3 Hits Matt T, Patrick Johnson. 2 Hits Kira K, Tylah L, Matthew C. 1 Hit Kyle R, Cooper L, Alex H, Daniel D, Nick U.

Tylah Laurie was outstanding in his first senior game in both defence and offence collecting 2 Hits a Walk and 2 RBIs.

Next week we face the Sunshine Eagles @ Home

Jennifer Mason


Match report - baycats women travelled down the road to Werribee for the first game of the season taking the win 20-6. The bat were on fire today recoding 19 hits as a team, and all 12 of us getting on base throughout the game. Along with the bats the base running was superb with everyone taking advantage of errors from the opponent to gain extra bases and runs. Pitching wise Saya Turnley started on the mound for the day striking out the first 3 batters out for the game to end the first innings and remaining strong for the rest of the 1.3 innings she pitched. Coming into close was myself allowing no more runs to cross the plate. Fielding was solid with only a couple of errors for the entire game. Making this a excellent start to the season and hopefully many more wins to come and welcome Hen back to take over for the season to come

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