Baycats U12 Trophies


2004-05 State



Now Called LL

2007-08 State

2008-09 Metro

2009-10 State

2009-10 Metro


2010-11 White

2010-11 Green

Now called U12

2011-12 Major

2011-12 Minor

2012-13 Major

2012-13 AA

2013-14 Major

2013-14 AAA

Now called LL

2014/15 MW

2014/15 WM


Sam Gibbons




Keegan Davies

Lachlan Medew

Liam Spence

Phoebe Jakubzik

Lachlan Medew

Henry Collins

Brad Edwards


Samuel Stosic

Ren Susuki

Brad Edwards

T. Anderson/K. Greenhalgh

Jarryd Wood

Ronan Donohue


Hayden Peoples

Sam Lazarus

U12 Batting

R/Up MVP T. Kerr-Chapman




James Wood

Baden Remmos

Liam Spence

George Polly

Lachlan Russell

Henry Collins

Jarryd Wood


Will Brennan .671

Brock Wells .760

Jarryd Wood .580

Jackson Viney .560

Jarryd Wood .721

Noah Brennan .571


Cooper Rickard .622

Cooper Rickard /G. Goodson .524

U12 Coaches Award

Rookie Of the Year

Jarrod Durston



Tyson O’Keefe

Liam Spence

Emerson Rickard

Brock Wells

Ren Susuki

Dylan Marsh

James Renouf


Nicolas Unsworth

Brad Edwards

Jarrod Hosking

Jake Warren

Will Brennan

Lucas Ash


Grady Goodson

Josh Smith











Bob Hamilton

Bruce Wood


M Brennan/BHamilton

Bruce Wood

Bruce Wood

M Brennan/B Hamilton

Bruce Wood

Mark Brennan


Chris Rickard

Chris Rickard

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