Baycats U16 Trophies


2004-05 State

2004-05 Metro


2005-06 State

2005-06 Metro


2007-08 State

2008-09 State

2009-10 State

2010-11 Blue

2010-11 White

2011-12 Major

2012-13 Major

2013-14 Major

2013-14 AAA

2014/15 State

2014/15 Metro

2015-16 State

2015-16 Metro

2016-17 State

2016-17 Metro

2017-18 State

2017-18 MW B

2017-18 MW W

2018-19 State

2018-19 MWst

2019-20 State

2019-20 Metro


Nick Spence

Martin Bouma


Lachlan Strauch

Brendan Belfrage


Kurt Wilson

T. Kerr-Chapman

Jarrod Durston

Daniel Anson

Motu Nafatali

James Wood

Emerson Rickard

Emerson Rickard

Sam Morrison

Brock Wells

C. Chandler

Dylan Marsh


Lachlan Hockey

Evan Donohoe

Jarryd Wood

Hayden Peoples

Justin Carr

Cooper Rickard

Sam Lazarus

Hayden Peoples

Isaac O'Brien


Tom Stewart

Lachlan Strauch


Mitch Miller/Cameron Harper

Jack Smyth


Darcy Eales

Kurt Wilson

Jarrod Durston

Daniel Anson

Brandon Fergusson

Harry Levy .556

Jack Sears .442

Lachlan Medew .632

George Polly .433

Brock Wells .543

Matt Noonan .564

Lachlan Hockey


Connor Hickey/ Jarryd Wood

H. Lazarus/ J. Viney

Coaches Award: T. Duxson

Emma Davenport

Grady Goodson

Alex James/Harper Rickard

William More

Harper Rickard

Nyah O'Brien

Coaches Award

R/Up MVP Nick Hinrichsen

R/Up MVP Michael Lewis


Lachlan Strauch

Clay Davies


Jordan Hunter

Matt Belfrage

Andrew Medew

James Edwards

Matt Benson

James Edwards

Jesse Buzza

Liam Spence

Jack Gill

Dylan Marsh

Jackson Viney

Jarrod Hosking .455


Connor Hickey .628

Harrison Lazarus .692

Connor Hickey .441

Jake Warren .571

Grady Goodson .318

Harper Rickard .424 ave

William More .600 ave

Hayden Peoples .384

Isaac O'Brien .545











Dale Russell

Alan Gale

Russell Opie

Chris Rickard

Chris Rickard

Chris Morrison

Jordan Lekkas

Terri Walker

Daniel Harvey


Bruce Wood

Butch Viney

Bruce Wood

Duane Davenport

Grant Dew

Jason Peoples

Stephen More

Chris Rickard

Darren Morrissy

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