Baycats U14 Trophies


2004-05 State

2005-06 State


2007-08 Metro

2008-09 State

2008-09 Metro

2009-10 State


2010-11 Blue

2011-12 Major

2011-12 Minor

2012-13 Maj B

2012-13 Maj W

2013-14 Major

2013-14 AAA

Now called JL

2014/15  Major 

2014/15  Mets A 

2014/15  Mets B 


Mitch Miller

Hiroshi Narasaki


Jarrod Durston

Tyson O’Keefe

Daniel Anson

Keegan Davies

Kurt Hillman

James Lewer

James Lewer

Lachlan Stott

Lachlan Medew

Dylan Marsh

Jack Fielden

James Reilly


Jarrod Wood

Kobe Greenhalgh

Jarryd Wood

U14 Batting

Most Consistent H. Narasaki

Hiroshi Narasaki


Floyd Burrows

James Edwards

Jacob Gale

James Wood

Kurt Hillman

James Lewer

James Lewer .619

Lachlan Stott .564

Lachlan Stott .542

Dylan Marsh .515

J. Fielden / B. Wells .600

Kobe Greenhalgh .546


Tim Reid .533

Dylan Marsh .762

Jarryd Wood .654

U14 Coaches Award

Real Achiever Darcy Eales

Darcy Eales


Kyle Williams

Andrew Medew

Brendan Fergusson

Tyson O’Keefe

Andrew Bouvier

Brayden Marsh

Liam Spence

Cameron Chandler

Brock Wells

Callum Dewar

Isaiah Lindsay

Mitchell Allen


Kobe Greenhalgh

Griffen Harvey

Ethan Tipping










Chris Rickard

Chris Rickard

Chris Morrison

Jordan Lekkas

Ash Britton

Andrew Fielden

Butch Viney


Bruce Wood

Jason Hockey

Bruce Wood

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